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How To Begin Manifesting Abundance

If they’re honest with you, most people will admit to wanting to have more money than they presently do , no matter how much they have right now, with the (sometimes incorrect) belief this is going to be the solution to all their problems.

The problem is even if they understand intellectually the True Secret to manifesting abundance requires a fundamental shift of viewpoint and perspective, meaning focusing on who and what you are rather than on what you do, it’s something they either do not fully embrace or tell themselves this change of focus is something they are unable to achieve.

This is understandable because such a radical change in perspective might be simple but without the secrets to make it happen for you, it’s not necessarily easy.

What’s more, even if they are able to manifest abundance to some degree, despite their outward focus, it’s so often unsatisfactory and unfulfilling, like an itch they can’t scratch. But once they shift the focus from outward to inward, the rewards are to all intents and purposes infinite and beyond measure.

This sharp, inward focus grants you the infinite power that is your birthright as a child of this universe and empowers you to act, think and achieve “miracles” you previously – and incorrectly – believed to be impossible.

In Truth, once you have mastered this simple skill, all doors open for you… and you will have limitless power and wisdom, making manifesting Abundance. Joy, Love, and Truth in your life a natural and effortless consequence of your being.

Manifesting abundance and True prosperity in your life doesn’t come from thinking, analysis, desire, self discipline, willpower, or intention. The universe is far bigger and majestic than anyone… and it’s impossible to bend it to your will by brute strength. You can’t force it, rush it, technique it, or apply so-called “universal laws” to experience it. 

The only way, is to discover the inward path to The Truth of what and who you really are and release the full power of your natural state of Infinite prosperity, manifesting abundance in every facet of your life as a natural state of your being. Yet very few people grasp these Truths, never mind possess the true secrets of how to apply them in your life and travel the rich and infinitely rewarding paths few ever get to walk.

As you begin to shift your focus from outward to inward you will begin to experience more of The Truth of who you truly are, and so coming to the fundamental realization that your outward focus has inexorably prevented your spiritual awakening.

The Truth is, and I admit it’s an uncomfortable one (but one you must grasp, embrace and move beyond if you are to master the art of manifesting abundance in all areas of your life), but your outward focus is exactly how you prevented yourself from experiencing infinite joy, happiness, money and success in your life.

Moreover, if you change your focus to be inward-looking rather than outward-looking, then rather than just a retreat from the external world in “hopeful” spirituality, you’ll discover the Truth – that you are indeed a magnificent, infinite, and God-like being with infinite wisdom and power… in full possession of the secrets to manifesting all your dreams.



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