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How to do a Candida Cleanse: The ins and outs..

Candida Albicans is an opportunistic diploid fungus that is part of your gut flora. It is present in your gut at all times and its job is to aid with digestion and nutrient absorption.

However, Candida becomes problematic when it’s overproduced. When overproduced, candida breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates into the bloodstream, releasing harmful toxic by products into your body which causes damage to your immune system and hormones.

Acetaldehyde is the major by product of yeast cell activity and is a poisonous toxin that promotes free radical activity in the body.

So what can cause the imbalance which causes the candida to overgrow?

*Over toxicity from chemicals
*Stress*Denatured foods
*Contraceptive pills
*Diet rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates
*Inflammatory foods
*Too much alcohol (remember, the recipe for alcohol is sugar and yeast)
*A diet rich in caffeine and stimulants
*Heavy metals
Signs and symptoms vary from person to person, and because they can be so vague they sometimes go unnoticed and many people suffer in silence.
Worse yet some people are misdiagnosed and are prescribed antibiotics and other medicines.

Common candida symptoms include:

*Anxiety*Vaginal or rectal itching
*IBS like symptoms
*Skin rashes
 *Mood swings
*Achy joints
*Hormonal problems
*Itchy ears and eyes
 *Fuzzy head
*Brain fog
*Poor memory
*Multiple Urinary Tract Infections
*Strong cravings for sugar
*Lack of concentration
*Migraine and headache

So what is the anti candida protocol?

It is essential to eliminate all inflammatory foods on you anti-candida cleanse. Sugar feeds candida so avoiding sugar will starve the candida, preventing it from thriving in your digestive system, giving you relief from your symptoms.

Eliminate the following:

*Fruit and dried fruit

*Dairy (Keffir is an exception)

*Starchy vegetables(potatoes/sweet potatoes)

*Caffeine, coffee, green tea and other stimulants

*Honey and sweeteners

*Refined carbohydrates (pasta/bread/cakes)


*Yeast products (vinegars/mushrooms/bread/marmite)

*Cured and processed meats

 *Condiments and sauces

*Grains and gluten

*Fast, fried or processed foods

*Peanuts, cashews and pistachio nuts (high mould content causes inflammatory reaction)

So what can you eat on the cleanse?

*Non starchy vegetables (artichokes, avocados, spinach, kale)

*Wild Salmon and sardines

*Organic eggs


*Apple cider vinegar with the mother (this is the only type of vinegar that actually helps in healing)



*Herbal and caffeine free teas like peppermint and liquorice

Some natural anti inflammatory super foods, and great anti fungals include:



*Pumpkin seeds


*Coconut oil*Cayenne pepper


*Olive oil


The best anti fungals to take during the candida cleanse would be Caprylic acid, Oil of oregano, Grapefruit seed extract, Berberine, Coconut oil (a potent source of caprylic acid) and garlic. A herxheimer reaction, also known as the die off phase, is when yeast cells are killed off rapidly causing unwanted symptoms like nausea, headaches,bloating, sweating and fatigue.

You can help with the symptoms by easing off with the dosages of your anti fungals or by taking candidate, vitamin c or milk thistle to help support your liver and your body.

Probiotics are also essential to strengthen your immune system, repopulate the friendly bacteria and crowd out the unwanted candida yeast and keep the candida under control.

To avoid a severe die off reaction, start your probiotic course 1-2 weeks after starting your anti-fungals. Anything between 1-100 billion bacteria per capsule is great, but the more the better.

It is advised to take at least 5 different strains of probiotic including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. Probiotics are needed to strengthen your immune system, repopulate the friendly bacteria and crowd out the unwanted candida yeast.

There are many tasty meals to eat on the anti candida diet. Why not try my super tasty Chicken avocado and artichoke salad!
Ingredients:Chicken, tomatoes, spinach, kalamata olives, walnuts, avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, cayenne pepper, and artichokes.

Walnuts are great because they have a low mould content, do not cause any inflammatory reaction in the gut, are good fats and they keep your blood sugar levels even. I put Artichokes in my salad because they are high in vitamin C and are great for digestion.

Furthermore they are great probiotics and feed the friendly bacteria. Kalamata olives are great for heart health – choose hand picked fresh olives and not the olives stored in white vinegar. Cayenne pepper supports your digestive tract and immune system, and also helps to cleanse the bowel of candida and other toxins.

Lemons also support your digestion and are full of vitamin C. Olive oil contains powerful anti fungal properties, so it will help in your fight against candida whilst supporting your immune system.

Finally, the avocados will help balance sugar levels and are full of healthy fats. Be sure to use all fresh and organic products to avoid contaminants, irritants, vinegars, trans fats and hydrogenated oils.

Tete Munalula x

About The Author

Hello my name is Tete Munalula and I am a student from Southwest London studying Naturopathy! My love for herbs and natural medicine began when I travelled across India in 2012.

Upon my travels, I began reading the theory of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and ancient medicinal practices. I carried a little pouch with my Ayurvedic oils with a list of their uses and I began to forget about my bag of medicine that I brought from England with me.

The herbs made me feel more in tune with nature and that made me want to study it further. As soon as I got back to England I tried to find an Ayurvedic course which was pretty hard but I then found a naturopathy diploma which I am studying now.

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome in 2013 and in 5 months I managed to reverse my PCOS by changing my diet, lifestyle, using herbs, and using the principles that I was taught in my first semester of my naturopathic course.

My experience was inspirational to myself as I saw firsthand how powerful nature is if your believe in it. I am pleased that Jessica has given me the opportunity to share my story on the GOM website, and I hope my story would be inspirational to others!

Please lookout for any other articles I have to share on here!



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