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How to Harness the Potential of Your Intuition and Improve Your Life

by Dr. Bruno R. Cignacco (PhD)

Relevance of intuition

Intuition is also called sudden discernment, gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense, epiphany, aha moment, revelation or hunches. In this book it was explained that your subconscious mind is unlimited as compared with your conscious level. In that sense, your hunches are shortcuts to your unconscious mind. The subconscious level tends to communicate throughout images, sounds or sensations.

The subconscious mind makes connections in no linear ways because it has an overarching view on things. In most cases, our reasoning mind cannot understand them, for example, when you have some urges that push you in a specific direction. All intuitive insights have a relevant message to convey. For this reason, you should always follow your intuition, whenever possible.

When you use your intuition, you are going beyond your traditional senses, such as sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. For this reason this inner knowing is also called “sixth sense”. When you receive intuitive insights, you are likely not to be focused on your environment; instead you might be dwelling inwardly. However you don’t have to make any effort to get intuitive insights, they tend to show up spontaneous.


Intuition is to know with no reason. This is possible because there is an infinite intelligence beyond our rational mind. That is the universal intelligence which goes beyond your ego and has the perception of the whole. When you are intuitive, you pick up some messages from that limitless intelligence. These intuitive signals are to appear at any time, in the most unexpected ways.

According to Fiddes intuition can be made up of different signs such as physical (gut feelings, faint, whisper), emotional (tranquillity or impulse), or mental (epiphany, images). Insights can also manifest as sudden memories apparently unconnected to the moment, atypical emotions or vivid dreams. Even signs from your environment can represent intuitive insights. In some cases, the intuitive signals can be very subtle; so you have to be very attentive. All intuitive messages provide you with spontaneous insights.

Intuition is in tune with the main teachings of Metaphysics. In that sense, there is a very well-known metaphysical that goes “When the student is prepared, the master will appear” This means that when you are sufficiently receptive to the signals of the universe or subconscious mind, those signs will certainly appear to guide you in the best way.

The ideal states to connect with your intuitive being are silence, stillness, recreation or relaxation. However any other undisturbed or unworried state, such as glee, playfulness, exhilaration and peacefulness are suitable for intuitive insights. For example some activities that might bring about intuitive insights are playing sports, strolling in a park, having a shower, swimming in a piscine, sunbathing, among others.

Intuitive insights are guidelines for your wellbeing and inner development. Those insightful signals can be shown in different ways, such as directions to go to certain places, warning signs about dangerous situations, activities to carry out, people to contact, resources to obtain, among others.

Different ways to improve your intuitive skills

WhatAreYouManifestingA very interesting technique you can apply is to ask specific questions to your subconscious mind about any relevant aspect in your life. Try to make these questions personal, related to your life, your objectives or your mission. In order to ask questions in a proper way you can use this affirmation “Subconscious mind, show me what I have to know about…”

Your attitude after asking the questions must be openness and receptivity. After asking specific questions to your subconscious, you should relax and wait for the answers. They are unlikely to be conveyed immediately. So keep on with you activities in an unworried way

Over time you are likely to receive some signals, which indicate the message from your subconscious level. In some cases, the answers you receive are indirect. For example, you may find a book or article that gives you the answer. You can also meet new people that advise on that issue. You can see specific images that give some clues about your problem. The signals can also be sensations or voices. If you are not sure that you received the answers you are looking for, you can ask your subconscious the same question again.

There is another well-known way to receive intuitive answers to your questions. This technique can be used with questions to be answered with “yes” or “no”. For this type of questions, you must imagine the traffic lights. You should ask the question and then see which of the traffic lights turns on. If it is red, this means a negative answer. If the light is yellow it means “maybe”; in this case you may need more information. In the case of green, this is a positive answer.

What to do with intuitive insights

When you have intuitive insights, you have to welcome them thankfully and try to act on the first impression you receive. If you cannot act immediately, you should take note of those realizations in order not to forget them.

manifestingBeware that intuitive insights are signals beyond your reasoning. In some cases those insights may appear illogical according to the parameters of your rational mind. As a consequence, you should try to act on your intuitive insights whenever possible, avoiding procrastination. When you act based on your hunches, you take inspired actions.

Each time you take action based on your intuition, you will feel delighted, authentic and in total connection with your inner self. All your inspired actions tend to be carried out effortlessly. When you are inspired you cannot experience any forcefulness or tediousness. You are likely to enter the timeless state of flow and things seem to unfold with no effort.

Dr. Bruno Cignacco

About the author

Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD) studied Metaphysics for more than 15 Years. He is author of the book “How to Manifest Money Effortlessly” (O-Books, 2013) and others. He is University Professor both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is also a certified life coach, international speaker and advisor on International Business topics.  His websites are http://www.youareprosperous.com. His e-mail is bcignacco@yahoo.com



About Dr Bruno Cignacco

Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD) has studied Metaphysics for more than 15 Years. He wrote a business book “Fundamentals of International Marketing. SMES” 2010 (Atlantic Publishers) also published in Spanish and Portuguese. Bruno is also the author of the book “How to Manifest Money Effortlessly andTechniques to be More Prosperous” He is also a University Professor both at undergraduate and postgraduate level in business subjects in the UK and an International speaker and adviser on International Business topics.

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