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How to Make Black Walnut Tincture for Parasite Cleanse

Studies show that over 100 different types of parasites can infect a human body and using allopathic drugs to get rid of even two or three can have disastrous side effects.

Herbal remedies have proved to be safe. Black Walnut used in conjunction with wormwood, cloves and Arginine, the remedy effectively rids the human body of parasites, their young ones and the eggs.

Black walnut tincture provided you can get hold of the gre zen raw fruits.  Black walnut kills parasites due to its high amount of iodine, jug lone and astringent tannins.

benefits-of-parasite-cleanseIt takes time to get rid of the parasites and a daily or alternate day dose of two to four teaspoonfuls of the tincture of black walnut proves to be an effective and safe remedy.

First of all get hold of the fresh green walnut hulls. Black walnut (Juglans nigra) trees grow in the US and those living here should be able to find the fruit. Take about 5 to 10 fresh green walnut hulls and wash them thoroughly.

Take a large jar with an air tight cap, large enough to hold the 10 walnuts. Put them in the jar. Now the next thing you will need is alcohol, at least 40% strength.

It is not easy to get pure alcohol from chemists but what you can do is use ordinary liquor like strong rum or vodka. Vodka is perfectly suitable for the purpose and you must get at least 80 to 100 proof vodka to make your tincture from black walnuts.

Put the clean green walnut hulls inside a large jar. Then pour in sufficient amount of vodka to cover all the walnut hulls right up to the top. Then put on the cap and ensure that it is air tight by upending the jar to see if any alcohol leaks out. If it does not then the jar is air tight.

You can also de husk the walnuts, removing the rind and soaking the shells in alcoholic solution.

Next you put the jar in a cool, dark place and let it sit for about two to three weeks. Two weeks is good and three weeks is optimum for the alcohol to leach out all the active ingredients from the green hulls.

During this time you will notice that the liquor turns almost black and becomes thicker in consistency. Please do not open the bottle during the 2-3 weeks period.

Now you can open the jar after 2-3 weeks and use a spoon to take out the blackened walnut hulls. What you have left in the jar is a strong black walnut tincture you can use for parasite cleanse and for detox purposes.

Take about 2-3 spoonfuls in plain water or with fruit juice on an empty stomach for the best effect. Continue this treatment, taking the dose on every alternate day, for at least 15-30 days for best results.

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