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‘I cured my Overactive Thyroid without Medication’

I was diagnosed with a dangerously overactive thyroid some years ago. I was immediately put on carbimazole – which you can only take for a maximum of 18 months because of the potential dangerous side effects.

At the time I knew very little about alternative health. After 18 months on the drug, I stopped taking it and within a month thyroid was overactive again.

The consultant gave me two options – radioactive iodine or surgery to remove part of the thyroid, which would make it underactive, and then I’d be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life.

Not surprisingly, neither of these options appealed! I started frantically searching for alternative remedies and came across an article in which an American doctor stated that all thyroid problems were related to dairy product intake.

What was interesting for me was that a year or so prior to the diagnosis I had become a vegetarian and was consuming much larger amounts of dairy products than I ever had previously. I had to see the consultant every three weeks to monitor thyroid levels and I was under a lot of pressure from him to go ahead with the radioactive iodine option….. but I told him I needed three months to try to heal myself, and immediately cut out all dairy products from my diet.

Next time I saw him – about 6 weeks later, thyroid levels were normal, and subsequent tests confirmed thyroid levels had remained normal. He was incredibly surprised and asked me what I had done, then shook my hand and congratulated me for healing myself. I have never had a problem with my thyroid since then.

I do sometimes have some dairy – but in moderation, and thyroid function has remained ok.




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