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ILLNESS IS COMPOST! Everything happens at the right time and for a reason

Shulamit Lando, Shuli |

“Shit happens”… because it does! But not all shit is bad. Have you ever passed a fertilized field right before spring? Of course, it stinks, because shit is compost. But it also makes things blossom and grow.

So what is illness?

Well, I could tell you about the auto-immune system, the myelin sheath, or about the body’s PH. I could tell you about stress, or unhealthy eating or how the mind affects the body. There is so much to say about our bodies and how they get better or worse. But, the bottom line is this: Illness is compost!

If, like me, you believe that everything happens at the right time and for a reason, then illness has purpose. In my experience illness is a life assignment; maybe to teach you to face reality as is, or maybe to face who you really are and what you truly want to become. Illness is compost; it is the fertilizer that will make new things bloom. It brings an opportunity to change your life into something new.

Isn’t it true that everything that has challenged you has actually made you stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more skilled? Every adversity has made you grow into aspects of yourself that you now honor and cherish, that make you exactly who you are. These are the things you are proud of and maybe even define you. All of that difficulty and struggle has been great fertilizer for what you have become and what you value. Illness too! So ask yourself about any of your current challenges; what are they fertilizing and helping grow? What good can come out of all that manure?  Since, after all, ‘shit is compost’, isn’t it?

Fighting reality ‘as is’, is the perfect formula for suffering. When you accept things as they are, not minimizing or exaggerating the situation, there is an opening that allows you to deal with things in a better way. That’s when you find your next right step!

So what if all you experience as a huge challenge that you think you will never overcome, is there to help you learn how to make compost out of the situation.  It is that learning that will drive you to find meaning in your life.

We all resist change, and as uncomfortable as it may feel, if illness is what you have to face now, a change of scenario would be a wonderful first step. Get creative, because anything that surrounds you affects you. Any small change that you can make is already a valuable step in the right direction.

Small tips: Open windows, get some flowers, breath! Choose to avoid loud and violent entertainment. Every gunshot and every loud noise impacts your brain and nervous system. No matter what ails you, it is time to start treating your brain as a newborn babe, at least for a while. The same goes for the music you like to hear. Loud angry music is not the lullaby that you would nurse a newborn to sleep with.

On that note this is a tip to feel better and make yourself heal from inside out!


“Alive Inside”, is an awesome documentary about how, through the music that they loved over their lives, patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s suddenly “wake up!” I suggest that you make a playlist of only the music that you have loved through your life (including the songs you loved as a child and as an adolescent) that which ‘woke you up’, made you feel happy, the songs that make your heart sing. Make your playlist something you’d want to sing to and smile!

The healing power of sound is well documented and popularly known. If someone with such irreversible diseases as Alzheimer’s or dementia —conditions that have no hope for recovery— can have such a startling response, why not use it for any other situation?

Create your own autobiography playlist and listen to it least half an hour a day (while doing whatever else). The outcome on your brain can only be positive. If possible, get up and move with it; dance! I can assure you it will break your darkest mood and breathe new life into your day.

~ Pearl of Wisdom: When life hands you shit, use it for fertilizer. Surrendering is accepting and letting go of the need for a specific outcome.

About The Author

I am Shulamit Lando, Shuli. I am a published author of an auto-biographical novel called amor@desierto.com (published in Spanish) telling the story about how I found love online in the very early days of the Internet, way before that became a fashion and a real possibility.

I met my love and moved from Mexico to the Middle East, to what some people call the “occupied territories”. A full story to tell. Step family struggles, war time honeymoon and the political reality, religious vs secular relationships. How to survive the threat of chronic illness in such a stressful reality and much more. I am also in the last leg of the road of editing and then publish a memoir of my personal healing from MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

It is also a self-help book, a guide, where I share the many things I did, and others I have learned, through 30 some years of living with chronic illness; many tips that one can use, to heal, if not completely cure yourself of any illness. I am a certified Psychotherapist, a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and Medical Coach.

My website address is: http://www.shulamitlando.com/



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