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Inner Peace: How to Get It and Keep It

Whether or not you are a spiritual person, inner peace is an excellent – and attainable – goal which will help you weather the ups and downs of life. We all need tools to help us deal with whatever comes along, and a sense of calm and inner peace is one of the best ways to face the world in a healthy, balanced manner.

Inner peace is an asset or state of being which can be actively cultivated; ironically, it is neither an action nor a movement when it is found or experienced. It simply feels wonderful: grounded, calm, satisfied and full of clarity and wisdom.

When you find inner peace you will be able to carry it with you and use it for strength. You will not feel rushed nor stressed, but rather full of acceptance and understanding. You will know that whatever happens is just what is meant to be happening – it couldn’t be any other way – and you will accept things as they are, while being willing to learn from them.

With this attitude, you will grow your sense of inner peace so that it may serve you even better as you move forward in life.

Some activities that will help you cultivate inner peace 

Regular meditation: Whether guided meditations or simply sitting peacefully without controlling or following our thoughts, the benefits of meditation are numerous. You will develop a sense of calmness and balance, and your life’s issues will be put into a broader perspective. Additionally, meditation is good for the body, as your heart and mind help your body to heal while at rest, and while feeling connected to the larger whole.

Yoga practice: Thank goodness more and more ‘western’ people are discovering what millions of people from other, more ancient cultures have known all along: yoga is an incredible activity for body, mind and soul. It is really surprising what just a few sessions of yoga can do, and with regular practice yoga will become an integral part of your life, and something you look to for grounding and re-connecting with your inner self.

Writing, singing, dancing, exercise: Anything which allows you to have a healthy outlet for your inner energy is good for you in many ways. Move your energy, both mental and physical, with these activities, and make room for more inner peace. Thoughts and feelings tend to get ‘stuck’ in us and affect us physically as well as mentally unless we regularly take steps to move them along. Walking and any of the activities above can be cathartic, helping work out kinks, and letting our minds rest in peace instead of going in circles

If you would like to try some Guided Meditations we meet twice per Month in London with Mohan, a Reiki Grandmaster Teacher. The meditations are great for removing blockages which may be holding you back from your goals.

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