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Ex-paratrooper’s Transformation is Inspirational

Wow! Ex-paratrooper’s Transformation is Inspirational. Its not only inspirational, but was one of the most moving things I have watched in a long time! Arthur Boorman was a para trooper who got injured. The doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again unassisted. He piled the weight on as you can imagine.

But he didn’t give up. Arthur found someone to help him loose the weight and walk again. Arthur fully recovered after trying Yoga, loosing the weight and regaining the use of his legs – without the need for leg and back braces.

This is the most inspirational thing I have seen in a long time!! It shows the doctors can be wrong! Believe in yourself and your bodies ability!! We are so powerful and capable of so much!We can do whatever we want to – if our mind is in the right place!!

Watch this. It will inspire you never, ever to give up.

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