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Integrating New Souls into Earth

Christof Melchizedek |


Last week on July 5th at 9.33am Noa Sananda Melchizedek was born into our world. It was a beautiful birthing ceremony at home with Roxy (Mum) Akasha, and a Dr – Midwife husband wife team….

I wanted to take this moment to share some of what I feel is important news about integrating souls into this time space matrix or reality. The following is intended to share not only our experience, but also to deepen understanding of bringing new souls into the organic world, and to give them the best chance of integrating into this third dimension reality.

To understand what this entails we need to explore where a soul actually comes from. Before we incarnate we are ‘waiting’ in a higher dimensional reality, where we are very expanded, unrestricted by the constraints of a body.

In this form we have perspective over all our combined life times and are excited about coming back to the living library that is Earth. Being on Earth is a window of experimentation for the soul, and is an opportunity to progress very quickly in the higher dimensions based upon our Earthly experiences.

Before we come, we set up our conditions and agreements before descending in density to the third dimension, depending upon the soul will depend upon the height from which it descends. I use height only to gain understanding because when working dimensionally you cannot view it as an above construct. All dimensions co-exist in the same space, thus what is actually happening is dropping in vibrational frequency.

Thus in birthing it is important to be aware that a soul is literally dropping down from a much higher harmonic, one where it is more love, unity and peace than the harshness of this reality. Thus it is important to know and understand that not only is it important to create a harmonious as possible environment for the baby to enter through the portal of birth canal into this reality, but also to create a harmonious environment during the terms of the pregnancy.

ALL emotions are felt during the pregnancy, integrated and adopted by the incoming soul as the first of the ancestral imprints collected around the DNA, thus the nature of the relationship between the parents is critical during this developmental period.

For example any sadness, anger, frustration, jealously, distrust, resentments, worry or grief, is picked up by the the baby in it’s fetal phase and stored as a layer of programming and conditioning. Any of the above discordant vibrations or any variants actually creates a contraction of the mothers physical DNA and creates the whole system to be discordant and stressed. It is under these conditions that the baby develops less from a place of love and trust and more into fear and distrust.

The actual spiritual fetal integration of the soul starts from the 33rd day to 56th day after fertilisation, and so begins the descend into our Harmonic Universe 1 system. Density one refers to the first three dimensions of consciousness, and depending upon the incoming soul it could come from as high as Harmonic Universe Five which is dimensions 13 -15, these are the pure light and sound fields that is the form holding template that creates reality being stepped down from dimensions 12 – 1.

Some being’s incarnating at this time are coming in with specific templates included into their DNA matrix from this Harmonic Universe Five or dimensions 13 -15. These kids are the form holding templates for the New Earth. They carry the coding and seeding to install the new ways or paradigms on Earth.

It is our role as their parents and guardians to protect these precious beings to help them remember who they are, and their role and purpose on the planet, to limit their 3rd dimension conditioning so that they may fulfil their life task with out stress or over whelm.

This starts from conception and especially from feta integration, the internal conditions of the Mother is critical to this, so solving and tidying up any relationship drama is important between parents and others to ensure the love bubble and love harmonic is encased into the process of the soul dropping into the physical vessel.

In terms of the actual birthing process to bring a soul into the world with as little stress of over whelm as possible is the absolute key for minimising the impact of the journey from the spiritual dimensions into the physical. This process requires focus and resilience from both parents as the Main Frame Matrix attempts to take out all organic, spiritual processes out of the birthing experience.

Sadly the birthing experience has become cold and clinical and manufactured, and the sacred spiritual component of dropping down and integrating a soul is removed. The whole modern medical process is a factory of delivering physical vessels into the world with as little stress for the medical team as possible.

Very often the Mothers needs and ultimate wellbeing is lost in the system of manufactured and artificial birth, with the whole process as seen as an extraction rather than a ceremony of an incoming soul.

For us the whole process was about minimising the need for interface with the main frame medical system, who want to over analyse, test, probe, and retest as much as possible. We believed in the organic nature and unfolding of life, at the time of conception the seed that is contained in the egg knows EXACTLY WHAT to do and WHEN to do it.

No amount of needless repeated external tests will stop this process of life, sure check ups are necessary but I do recommend questioning everything that is presented to you from the main frame. We went for one check up around 14 weeks at the hospital to get one scan and we turned down all other requests for repeated check ups.

Interfacing with scans and radio active devices just did not seem to be a pleasant experience for the baby, and certainly placing a needle inside and extracting cells for testing (just for the comfort that we weren’t carrying a down’s syndrome baby) was not an option. If this baby was to be of this template then so be it, we would love, cherish it just the same.

We did not even find our Midwife / medical Doctor husband wife team until around 6 weeks before birth. Before that we trusted our instincts and followed our intuition about what was needed. We interviewed some midwifes but none really were of the right vibration for what we were looking for. So we are so happy to meet Angel and Natalia a husband / wife, medical doctor / midwife team on the island in Ibiza. They were both gentle AND energetically intelligent and both big advocate for home birth.

Since we had navigated OUT of the system we were left to our own instincts, we knew the main ingredient for a healthy baby was LOVE, and lot’s of LOVE. So our main focus was a happy harmonious internal state of LOVE between the two of us. We also looked after nutrition and made sure that Roxy was getting enough of the right nutrients, with extra prenatal type supplements to ensure that the nutrition was spot on, clean water we have a Kangen water machine so we are blessed that our water is some of the best you can get.

So coming into the birth we were all set, we had the right team of Angel, Natalia, myself, Roxy and also our dear spiritual brother Akasha who we flew in to be with us for the birth and join our family. Akasha has the gift of seeing all the dimensions, light and sound fields so was a valuable asset through the whole process.

We had a birthing pool set up in the lounge and a wonderful setting for the whole experience. As the first stages of labor began we set up the field of energy. This is a morphogenetic field of energy I work in events and healing ceremonies that is a portal for higher frequencies. You don’t have to be in the healing arts like I am to create scared space, simply lighting a candle and connecting to your higher self, the babies higher self, and any celestial surgeons supporting the transition for this soul would be perfect.

The labor started around 12.30 at night, in the candle light with beautiful mantra music playing. This first phase of labour lasted til around 7.30 am when things began stepping up to phase two which is the babies delivery through the birth canal. This is when the intensity really picks up.

For any men reading this the full focus needs to be on the relaxation, love, and tenderness for your beloved at this period, she needs your strength, support and needs to feel your love. LOVE is the KEY channel for being the carrier wave for the soul. The soul wants to be met with LOVE and not fear. This is key despite the intensity of what is going on to hold the harmonic of love.

The woman is the main channel of life force during this period and it is during this window that the veils are very thin between worlds, which is why almost everyone expresses that witnessing birth is a very spiritual experience. The very thing that the main frame wants to disconnect people from.

The woman’s body is miraculous how it moves through adjusting itself to allow a baby to squeeze through the portal of life. The main thing to remember is that a woman’s body is DESIGNED to do this. I’m not going to lie, it is SUPER INTENSE, Roxy stated it was the most difficult experience of her life and the pain was off the charts…

It is however at this time it is critical to remain focused. The benefits of birthing without medication is so huge both for the Mother and Baby. We did not want any pharmaceutical intervention so Roxy deleted this an option, but I do see how mothers can go into hospital with this intention and when this intensity kicks in, it would be easy to yield.

However the motivation to remain true is giving birth to happy baby with out unnecessary chemicals polluting it’s system, and the absolute clarity that the Mother has after birth. A chemically induced birth put the Mother into a stupor that prevents that immediate bonding after the birth.

Upon Noa’s arrival at 9.33 am July 5th Roxy was coherent and sharp, when the pain subsides the endorphins have kicked in and there is a natural rush and glow around the new mother, the spiritual energy of just undergoing one of the main initiations of woman’s life, from Maiden to Mother.

My role in this process was in the birthing pool and stabilising the energy from behind and stroking Roxy to ensure she was as relaxed as possible during the contractions… Birthing is a similar energy to making love, very special and sacred, it is this energy that is the carrier of the new born baby. Love brought put into the womb, and brought him out of the womb into the world.

I can’t imagine the energy being like this in a hospital, where it is more cold and clinical, there are incredible advantages to a home birth and I believe it is a woman’s right to choose where and how to give birth, and all decisions need to be respected. However Woman have been birthing babies with out technology for thousands of years, and trusting the natural processes and instincts set up the ideal conditions for a new soul to come in, so I am a big fan of how birth, however with necessary medical support close at hand if and when needed.

We opted for a LOTUS birth. A lotus birth is a natural and organic way of dealing with the separation of the placenta. ALL indigenous cultures held a placenta as sacred, it is in fact the TREE of LIFE for the baby. It is infinitely connected to the cosmos and I can confirm is the main energetic feed of life (chakra) for the baby, It is MUCH MUCH MORE than just an organ.

It is the exact replica for the baby, no other being is more like you other than your placenta. The placenta is the key mandela in the creation of life. It is the spiritual hub of creation for the baby. In the New Zealand Maori culture where my roots lie the placenta is once separated is planted in the Marae (village) where the infant will retain it’s spiritual connection to it.

It is this spiritual and energetic connection that is too often immediately discarded in the modern medical machine, with upon entry to the world the baby has forcibly removed it’s one life long identical twin who is then thrown out as medical waste, or in some case sold to high paying pharmaceutical companies who make expensive face creams for the rich due to it’s very high stem cell count.

To us this just didn’t feel good to have it’s main energetic and spiritual life force ruptured and forcibly removed at the moment of birth. We wanted to preserve this both physical and energetic connection for as long as possible so that Noa can choose in his own time when we his ready to separate from his primal life current and spiritual life force.

Practically what this means is that we keep the placenta in a little bag next him for as long as he feels he needs it close. Practically according to the books we read this is anywhere from 3 – 10 days. Yes it is a little inconvenient, we do have to extra careful while handling him and have restricted visitors. But the long term rewards are so worth it…

From what I understand full lotus born babies are much more connected and in flow than babies that have had their cords cut at birth. So for us we wanted to give Noa the best chance possible of making the transition from the spiritual world into the physical world. So far this is day five and he remains in contact with his twin or placenta, it looks like he will separate any day and in keeping with my culture we will bury the placenta in sacred ceremony in our back yard under our silver fig tree in the centre of our garden.

What remains now is a ceremony as soon as the Noa decides he wishes to disconnect from the placenta is to remove the energetic seals that cap all new borns potentials so that his DNA may express itself to it’s highest potential. These energetic seals stored into our energetic anatomy create a frequency fence which limits how many dimensions of consciousness we can accrete into our cells. These seals or distortions get externally placed upon the Soul entry into the Earth grids, preventing the soul from naturally accreting all the dimensions of consciousness available to it as it’s life evolves.

We have situation on Earth where due to energetic sealing’s most of humanity is stuck at only accessing 3 dimensions of consciousness and identifying with it’s incarnate identity. This mean it has no true soul connection and see’s itself as separate and isolated from everyone and everything else and runs it’s life script from the ego perceptual awareness of survival, sex, money, power, and greed and is at the domains of serving the self and serving the ego. By removing energetic seals and jumping starting the energetic portions of the DNA all beings are able to move up to accessing more dimensions of consciousness and start to merge with their Soul, Over Soul, Avatar and Rishi identities.

Thus part of an over all strategy to create a free sovereign being is to clear up these seals and distortions so that the incoming being may naturally accumulate as much dimensional frequency as it’s DNA template will allow. This does not have to performed at birth almost all these procedures I do on adults, but obviously doing it from birth opens up a lot of potentials for Noa.

I believe on Earth we have consciousness crisis, almost all of humanity is asleep, spirit disconnected from everything else, as soon as we start bringing consciousness to our children and to ourselves we will start seeing as everything being connected and we are part of the living fabric on a living breathing consciousness called Earth.

We look forward to performing this energetic procedure and ceremony on Noa shortly after we bury the placenta. We also look forward to being Noa’s protector’s, guardians and guides so that he may fulfil his own potential and life purpose for being here…

I hope this article or piece serves to provide openings to explore for your own decisions regarding bringing in babies into the world and the actual process that happens and our personal story of how we chose to navigate this. Please take only what is relevant for you, but i do hope it helps to see birthing in a new way.

Love and Blessings



Christof is a shamanic healing arts facilitator in working at transforming people’s DNA template to get people Aligned with their higher self and soul purpose and helps people to execute their mission with out stress or overwhelm.



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