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Intentional Meditation & Science

It appears in awakening individuals into the internal lens of focus, this impacts how powerfully an individual can intentionally influence reality as yogis and mystics do. It indicates that cohesion is necessary for Psi ability and phenomena.

This has profound implications for thought leaders of positive, conscious change. It takes us into tackling beyond limitations to free us as powerful co-creators.
It also takes us into a new journey of world consciousness cohesion.

“Meditation is active and passive. It allows one to step outside of one’s limitations.” D’Aquili, Newburg (1993)

“Meditation suspends that habitual, logical verbal dialogue and frees individual.” Bugart (1991)

If we transcend the conventional Western view that meditation is only for relaxation; often meditation benefits are understood as only coping strategies i.e. for stress, blood pressure and depression. However, scientific evidence suggests meditation can physically change brain functioning to preserve and enhance learning and cognitive functions.

Here, the impact is biological with positive implications for neurodegenerative disease improving motor control and cognition.

Tibetan Monks are aware of neuroplasticity’s potential and offered eight of Tibetan Buddhism’s most experienced and advanced monks of Meditation training to be EEG scientifically tested against a group of non-meditators by Davidson et al (2004).

The Tibetan Buddhist monks had between 10,000 and 50,000 hours of advanced meditation training. Davidson was interested in measuring Gamma waves, highest frequency or high charge energy. It is well known that the brain can generate 10 watts of electrical power. Gamma waves are greater than 40 Hertz. Delta waves are low frequency, below 4 Hertz. Alpha waves are 8-13 Hertz. Beta waves are 15-40 Hertz.

Gamma waves create highest frequency, high energy charge and create higher mental activity, perception, awareness and consciousness. Gamma waves are essential in effective nerve cell communication, high amplitude Gamma waves and synchronizations are produced during advanced meditation training and practice by advanced practitioners.

Meditation serves as a form of mental exercise which restructures the brain; redistributing gray matter. It is here, the nerve centers are located.

Davidson discovered that the advanced practitioners of meditation i.e. advanced Tibetan Buddhist monks showed greater activation of Gamma waves activity involving potentially thousands of nerve cells moving at extremely high speeds in cohesion.

This movement was more coordinated than in the non-meditating novice group. The non-meditating novices showed only slight increase of Gamma activity compared with the Tibetan Buddhist monks group. Davidson also discovered that the brain will be larger due to more nerve cells firing in synchronization, thought to play a crucial role in memory, learning and relationships.

Buddhists believe that a well-trained mind will bring peace to both individual and world.

As this Buddhist concept is discussed, it brings to focus a fifty eight person meditation for world peace and healing that was the core focus of a meditation and healing training- programme Celestial Healing, in Tokyo, Japan, in January 2014.

I was teaching on the importance of intentional meditation connecting with earth power sites or vortexes. The intentional meditations focused on both Giza and Mt Fuji for world peace. During the last five minutes of the programme, the four great neters- Osiris, Isis, Hathor and Horus and the Great Pyramid site at Giza were meditated or focused upon.

We further meditated or focused upon Japan’s major Shinto Goddess Ameratesu and Mount Fuji, when we opened our eyes post-meditation incredible synchronicity occurred in the room which moved participants to tears.

Mount Fuji emerged from weeks of winter clouds in perfect view from the seminar room window and the sunset lit the sky behind this great earth power site. It is believed Mount Fuji is an important Earth power centre for earth healing East and West.

In magical synchronicity, transformation for all in the room occurred, the moment was quite miraculous and understood as a great sign of Ameratersu.

Whether synchronicity or not it created an incredible sacred moment and focus for world peace and healing. The workshop perfectly ended at 5pm as scheduled in an incredible shared moment and experience of synchronicity.

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