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How to look after the Crown Chakra

Chakras are a system of energy centers that are found in the body. There are seven main chakras that should be kept balanced so that the body runs smoothly. When the chakras are unbalanced, the body will suffer some problems that might be unexplainable.

The crown chakra is one of the most important parts of your inner being. It helps in connecting your purification and spirituality. This crown chakra is located on your head top. It is said to be radiating golden, lavender and sometime white colors.

This part also acts as your conduit especially when there are some forms of peace associated energies that are flowing in your inner being. It is therefore important to always protect it in term of feeding it with the special food that helps it to vibrate properly.

Foods to eat and avoid

Since your crown chakra is invisible, you need to always understand how to feed it and this is mainly determined by how you eat. During fasting, this part of your spiritual being always resonates properly in respect to its clarification and purification needs.

For the purity of your crown chakra, you should always avoid food with additives and other added artificial ingredients. These include all sweeteners that are artificial, preservatives, dyes, and all other food colorings.

These components are always the source of toxins in your body which leads to blockage of spiritual energy channels in your body. When this occurs, you may end up having some symptoms such as hyperactivity, lack of focus, and also unexplainable headaches.

Before taking your healthy meals, you should make it a habitual thing to always relax, meditate and also reflect on how connectivity and purifications you are to get.

Always have a short prayer that should be for thanking all what happened to the nature until that food came in to existence. This is very vital especially in acknowledging all the interconnections behind that food you are about to take.

Apart from the normal food stuffs, your crown chakra needs other special forms of foods. These includes foods like fruits and vegetables, legumes and other berries. One of these foods is sunlight. Sun being one of the sources of universal energies, always helps the crown chakra to radiate and vibrate properly.

This is important especially when it comes to nourishment of love, grace that is divine and also hope. Apart from the sunlight, oxygen has also been a very important food for crown chakra. Oxygen is essential especially when it comes to consciousness and lives of chakra.

For this reason, you will always need this oxygen in order to maintain the functionality of your crown chakra.

Finally love is another component that your crown chakra deserves. This love should be based to all things around you include love of God, nature, self-love, love of others, and finally love of planet.

Once you follow all these instructions for your crown chakra foods, you will be enjoying the best and perfect purifications and inter connectivities within at all times.



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