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Is this the end for Seaworld?

An amazing victory for the Orca of Seaworld has just been announced.

The California Coastal Commission voted  on Thursday to allow SeaWorld’s San Diego location to expand its orca tanks, but with major conditions that the park cannot breed its 11 captive Killer Whales. Seaworld has also been banned from selling, trading and transferring them too.


This looks like the end is in sight for Seaworld who has seen a huge slump in sales since the airing of the documentary Blackfish, which outed the park for their cruel practises with the Whales.

In the days leading up to the vote, the California Coastal Commission received 250,000 responses from the public on the issue — many of them opposed to expansion. Animal advocate groups presented their opposition to the Commission in person.

Former trainers of Seaworld and animal right organisations have called this ‘a huge win for the Orca’



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