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Is Your WIFI Causing Your Depression and Anxiety?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or EHS is a physiological condition. It is characterised by neurological and immunological symptoms that noticeably flare or intensify upon, or following expose to electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and/or one or more of the types of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) found in the modern environment.

In todays World we are exposed to so much more of these frequencies because of microwaves, WIFI, smart phones and even things baby monitors and cordless phones, than we were just 5 Years ago, with the levels of microwave radiation in cities are now 1 billion billion times the natural background levels.

Dr Liz Evans suffered from Electrosensitivity in 2010 and is now committed to sharing knowledge and information on how to reduce our levels. Liz is a Medical advisor to SSITA – Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance

As part of our Frequency Special on the UK Natural Health Show we will be having Liz on the show to discuss the research on that has been carried out on EMR.

Symptoms of EHS include:

Melatonin decrease which causes sleep problems
Memory loss
Behavioural problems
Depression / Anxiety
Dementia – including early dementia
Genetic damage
Reproductive system issues – Miscarriages,
Carginogenesis – Causes Tumours and Cancer
Kidney problems
Protein / Peptide damage

Electro Magnetic Frequency

We will be taking a look at who is at most risk, all the court cases around the world and out of court settlements in Italy and also what we can do to lessen the effects and significantly reduce our intake.

Join us on the UK Natural Health showWed 11th Feb 4am & 4pm | Sunday 4am, 9am, 4pm & 9pm | Mon 9am & 9pm | Tues 6am & 6pm –  


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