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January 2015 Astrology Forecast with Merlin

Fireworks, lightening n’ ice

For those of you born from 23rd December til’ 1st January:

You Capricorn’s; may be more Saturnian in nature. Tending to be more ambitious and are more likely to be successful and happy in their work. Your family is important they may think that you are a workaholic, why not find some time to spend with them and just be who they want you to be for them a few hours a week, create warm memories for them to cherish as your legacy, you might enjoy it too.

If you were born betwixt the 2nd January ’til the 11th Can sometimes be inflexible causing strains in relationships. You may tend to err on possessiveness and jealousy. perhaps that’s why you can be very practical and your common sense is often welcomely sobering.

As a Capricorn born betwixt 12th ’til 20th January your ideas may be brilliant and full of amazing details and strategic plans. You can be somewhat self critical and of others, so why not spend more time acknowledging and accepting your good points rather than the bad..

In the beginning of January (1st -12th 2015) there’ll be dynamism, optimism and practical actions. Although we may notice some excess, due to the Grand Fire Trine betwixt Uranus (in Aries), Saturn (in Sagittarius) n Jupiter (in Leo) all vibrantly stimulated by Mars, enhanced by by Venus and Mercury following him into Aquarius.

Lightening bolts falling from le sky..

Two events that grabbed us last month; on 4th Dec ass-ertive Mars moved into Aquarius. Then on 8th Dec outspoken Jupiter retrograded at 22 degrees of Leo, which may liven up the yuletide celebrations, alas beware of restless and reckless behaviour in others.

In Greek Mythology, the Roman God Jupiter was Zeus, king of the Greek Gods and the one who threw thunder bolts through the heavens, and controlled the weather. Mars in Aquarius will also interact with Uranus because that is the planet that rules Aquarius.

This will give a lot of energy to Mars and Uranus and together things can get very excited in the atmosphere and whip up a storm in the oceans, beware of fires at sea and in the air…

After Mars enters Pisces (12th ) a ‘dangerous’ configuration will form as he invites Neptune to tango and square’s off to her stoic chaperon Saturn. Our actions/plans can be stymied, beaurocrosised or thwarted. This combined influence can stimulate short tempers into irrational, violent or extreme reactions, beware of life changing (fatal) accidents.

At the end of January 2015, Venus will want to tango with Neptune thus squaring off to prim n proper Saturn, he will be outnumbered by them two goddesses chin wagging, exuding all their graceful feminine flow, surely bringing about global soothing, healing harmony, positive verbal intercourse, cooperation n alliances.

January looks promising to be an exciting month as the Uranus (Aries) Pluto (Cappy) squaring is active. Also If there’re any seized nuts in your life that won’t budge, the Sun’s chess game with Pluto and the Nodes (number 2 in the pop charts this week Strauss fans) igniting the square on le 3rd Jan could be just the lubricant that loosens them for you, The Nodal axis reflects the collective’s soul evolution and may indicate a merging of communities.

If you ‘feel’ a past-life experience holding you back in some way, Pluto, the dredger of the universe, can spring clean that away for you, thus releasing you to embrace your North Node destiny. le nodes are akin to a crossroad, where we can change karma into Bodhidharma, tis a place where the sun n moons path intersect n invoke those thrilling eclipses.

This allows our musing right and practical left-brain to flow smoothly for those “Eureka” moments abounding this month with eccentric n inventive Mercury (Aquarius) retroing, just fur the fun of it. Aptly timed for tweaking or a complete respray/t cut of our skills or a service we offer.

Options to Re-vitalise n Re-invent to freshen up or just try again will be possible during this thyme, n don’t be afraid to reach out far far away where new untouched shores may be receptive to your warm smiles, Aquarius nose no bounds after all.

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail..

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and there will also be a fire trine in force for a few months. Fire is about action and reaction. It rules the fire within us which ignites our passion. Sagittarius is honest and truthful, the contrite teacher, the pious preacher, the forthright lawyer and rules the Galactic Centre.

This New Year may feel extra refreshing now that Saturn recently entering fun n frivolous Sagittarius (on 23rd Dec 2014). you may have heard your fixed sign friends sighing in relief, Saturn was in Scorpio for the last 26 months, he’ll not pass go n not collect 200 pesetas when he ‘visits’ Scorpio in the 14th June until the 17th September 2015. Just as schools let the children out for summer, this planetary pausing will allow us to pace n breath Introspectively; Scorpio is finicky n cares about those pesky little details, INTENSELY, whilst projective Sagittarius focuses on the bigger picture. If your grand vision swept you up in its epicural enthusiasm Saturn will bring you back down to reality to plan n understand the details.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and there will also be a fire trine in force for a few months. Fire is action and fast moving events. It rules the fire within us which ignites our passion. Sagittarius is the teacher, the preacher, the lawyer and rules the Galactic Centre.

Geographically Saturn in Sagittarius will move the energy focus from the oil (Pluto) rich Middle East n Russia to spiritually indulgent (Jupiter) India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For you of mutable signs i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, yes Saturn is in your domain and that’s alright he will teach you, one way or another, some important lessons that you probably need in order to develop and evolve positively, just be courteous and respectful to your sen sai no matter what he shows you. Saturn in Sagittarius will be a breeze… compared to him in tents Scorpio.

Brown Sauce & Sorcery

On 3rd Jan the Sun will shine on Nunki in the arrow of the archer of Sagg, whence centaur aims highest. Tis a fortunate star associated with “Influential public positions n domestic harmony.” The Sun with Vega on 5th Jan will inspire artists to flow. Some words for Vega are trustworthy, tunes, plays, artistic creativity even cuisinel, honouring family obligations, le birds, pretentiousness, divas, wannabes, stalkers…”

This can be quite a contentious area of the heavens, like the “Affluenza” (*) of the decans. Le Full Moon in Crab on 5th Jan, some may have unrealistic yearnings for fame and fortune if she aspects within our natal chart n sing like a bullfrog n dance like a jcb. After Jan 10 the Cappy Sun moves through decan 3 still quite adoratory, but more practical, here we may notice big bro and pretty peacocks will abound.

January futures ~ Six, Lyes & Alchemy..

The Sun will be with Peacock on le 14th January n we can see into our future as well as back into our past. Alas with Retro Merc rahnd le corner, we may prefer to reminisce than embrace our the future. we can make fairly accurate assessments to the likely outcome of our plans just by pondering on how we got here. people will tend to be historically aware.

The month falls into Aquarius on 20th January, with the New Moon at 0º Aquarius spinning off le bewitching Black Moon Lilith opposite le Mars/Neptune conjunction on le 19th .Juss be wary of coercive, mesmerising saucer y in the gossip columns and personally. As we go through the retro Mercs shadow from the 6th notice electrical fizzle n’ check reservations carefully..

Mercury stations on le 21st so hold yer breath all day. then on 22nd , Sun is on wonderful Altair. Robson (**) says Sun on Altair in the Eagle gives “Public honour, notoriety, favours from superiors, many friends and some envious ones who cause trouble through writings, some ill-health and losses, danger of bites from venomous animals, reptiles The rest of the month is dominated by Mercury Retrograde, which turns direct on 11th Feb.

January 2015 events:

1 Sun in Capricorn decan 2, Mars opposite Jupiter

3 Sun on Nunki in Sagittarius, Venus into Aquarius

4 Venus sextile Saturn.

5 Sun on Vega in Lyra. Full Moon at 14º Cancer 4.53am UT,11.53pm EST

6 Mercury into the retrograde shadow zone

8 Ceres into Capricorn

9 Sun on Sheliak in Lyra

10 Sun in Capricorn decan 3, Sun on Dheneb in Aquila

12 Sun on Sulpahat in Lyra. Mars into Pisces

13 Venus sextile Uranus

14 Sun on Alpha Peacock. Venus trine North Node

15 Mars square Saturn

16 Mars sextile Ceres

19 Mars opposite Black Moon Lilith,

     Mars opposite Neptune, Venus opposite Jupiter.

20 Sun enters Aquarius 9.43am UT, 4.43am EST.

     New Moon at 0º Aquarius 1.15pm UT, 8.15am EST

     Neptune opposite Black Moon Lilith

21 Mercury Station Retrograde 3.54pm UT, 10.54am EST

     Sun on Sham, Pluto square Nodes

22 Sun on Altair in Aquila

23 Neptune sextile Ceres

24 Ceres trine Black Moon Lilith

27 Venus into Pisces

30 Sun Cazimi (***) Mercury 1.52pm UT, 8.52am EST

     Mars sextile Pluto, Venus square Saturn

31 Uranus conjunct South Node


 (*) Oliver James’ Affluenza http://www.theguardian.com/books/2007/jan/27/booksonhealth.society

 (**) [Robson*, p.135.] http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Altair.html

 (***) http://theastrologydictionary.com/c/cazimi/


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