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Judit Thom Reflexology Review

Judit Thom Reflexology Review

After having Judit Thom on the UK Natural Health show discussing the benefits of Reflexology, I decided to experience it and see what it could do for me. I arrived at the space Judit works out of and felt immediately relaxed. I was hit with scents of candles and aromatherapy and couldn’t wait to start!

Judit started out by asking me some questions about my health and we discussed areas I would like to work on. Since I am recovering from Arthritis, and progressing well, I thought why not give my problem areas a go. Judit applied some coconut oil on my feet and got to work. I felt super relaxed as Judit explain the various areas of my feet and where they corresponded to.

When Judit got to the side of the inside of my foot, I found I felt a different sensation! I asked why that was and Judit explained that this area was my neck and spine – this is my problem area. It showed me exactly how these areas are linked to the rest of the body!

The whole experience was relaxing. I left feeling super happy and de-stressed! I slept like a baby that night!

I couldn’t recommend Judit enough! She also specialises in pregnant ladies too.

To contact Judit or to see more of her work, please visit – http://www. reflexology expert.org/



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