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Juicing Pulp Dilemmas & Dramas

By Danny Saggers

One question I get asked again and again is ‘Theres seems to be a lot of waste with the fibre what should I do with it?’ Or ‘This waste makes me feel bad, i’m not sure about juicing!’.

Lets tackle this issue once and for all When you juice fruits and vegetables you are separating the nutrient dense juice from the insoluble fibre. This is what our bodies will try and do naturally but due to our compromised internal environment and digestive systems most would not have the same level of success as a powerful juicer.

The juice is easily up taken and assimilated by the bodies cells. For this reason we must be careful not to use too many sugar rich fruits as they can spike blood sugar levels and cause weight gain as well as have other undesirable effects.
We should also always use organic produce for juicing where possible as if not the pesticide residues will concentrate in the juice with no fibre to mop them up. If your not sure where to get organic produce look online for your local farmers markets or use a home delivery company like Abel & Cole who’s service and produce is amazing!

So taking the above into account we have made our organic high vegetable content, nutrient dense juices and are ready to enjoy… but no… wait… look at all this fibre!! Have I cheated Pachamama (mother earth), will she hold this against me! Well, no, we can make good use of this remaining pulp!

The way to look at it first off is that this fibre would only be coming out of our back passages if we were to consume it so either way it is going to be displaced. In fact we could actually make better use of the fibre left in our juicer than simply by flushing it down the loo after passing it through our system.
Now i’m not ignorant and am not underestimating the great importance of fibre in the human diet! It is key to good health and a thriving GI tract and is an essential part of a healthy diet.
If we look at it in the context of on an average morning would we be able to wake up and eat a whole cucumber, 4 sticks of celery, a beet root, a lemon and a hunk of ginger, the answer would be no.
We certainly wouldn’t be able to do it every morning. This is where our juicer is our best friend, we can get all the valuable nutrition from this plethora of veggies and fruits without having to chew up and digest them all and we reap the wonderful benefits.
The soils are so devoid of nutrients now and our produce has been shipped and stored for so long that we need these extra boosts of nutrition, without them we are falling way short of thriving optimum nutrition levels and achieving health and vitality!
A juice is not a substitute for anything but an amazing alkalising addition to compliment a healthy diet that should contain good amounts of fibre. We should still be sure to eat plenty of fruits and veg as they are packaged by nature with the fibre intact.

So lets get back to the point, what to do with the pulp/fibre!

Option 1 You like gardening & you love plants I hear you say, well thats perfect! We can turn the fibre into compost either by buying a composter or making one, or starting an old fashioned compost heap depending on the size of your garden.
The fibre from our juicer will make a wonderfully rich and fertile compost which we can use to feed the next generation of veggies or our favourite roses.
Option 2! If you have a dehydrator I know quite a few friends that have made crackers with the pulp by adding in some spices, seeds etc and then spreading onto a tray in the dehydrator. The crackers can then be enjoyed with humous, guacamole etc and you can impress your vegan hipster friends with your new found art of culinary alchemy.
Option 3 is using the pulp as a base for some energy balls which could be made with the addition of some cacao powder, coconut oil, maybe some honey and seeds and whatever you like really, just create and let intuition and innovation guide you. I am sure there are plenty more options but these were just some easy ones that sprang to mind.
So I hope this was helpful and stops everyone getting so irate about that fibre that stares back at them from the depths of the juicer!

Now go and enjoy your lovely January juices
Namaste x

About The Author

Danny Saggers
Nutrition and natural medicine have been my passion since my early 20’s. Through years of backpacking around the world I have had a privileged opportunity to view how indigenous cultures live a much healthier and happier lifestyle in an elegant symbiotic balance with our Mother Earth.
Spending time immersed in nature I found myself in ore of her divine wisdom and was reconnected and inspired by the beauty I encountered. We are all products of our experience thus far which help us form our view of this world we live in.
Here in the west we have severed our connection to the earth and this is why we are experiencing such chaos at the atomic level resulting in so many expressions of dis-ease. I now embrace and utilise the synergistic power of the west’s innovations with the sacred wisdom of the East.
I work and study in the fields of naturopathy and nutritional therapy with plans to head back to the Amazon rainforest in the near future. We need to nourish our Mind, Body & Soul for optimum thriving health.
Through the sharing of ideas and knowledge I believe we can grow together for a brighter tomorrow.
Interact, Innovate, Inspire & Educate!



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