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Law of attraction tip for affirmations

Hi everyone. I want to share with you a little tip I learnt a while ago for using affirmations for The Law of Attraction.

We often use affirmations when we are trying to change our beliefs about a certain subject – so we can ‘line’ up, mentally, with our desires and goals.

If we feel lack and poverty we can try to instill the belief into our subconscious mind that we are abundant.

I am abundant

I am wealthy

I am rich

I am successful


The trouble I found was that when we are dealing with a deep routed belief, or what we feel is the truth – such as ‘I am ill’ or ‘I am sad’ or ‘I am poor’ then simply saying:

I am healthy

I am wealthy

I am happy

Doesn’t actually make us feel very good. It can just feel like a lie. Just by saying them we feel the discord between the reality we want – and the reality we have right now. We feel so strongly the lack of what we desire, that we can end up just giving up with affirmations all together. Why bother feeling worse?

So a while ago I came across a tip. It was to rephrase the affirmation to this:

“I enjoy the thought of.. _(fill in the blank)



I enjoy the thought of being healthy

This has a very different feel to it than the affirmation ‘I am’

There’s little argument in your mind that you enjoy the thought of being healthy. Or you ‘enjoy the thought of’ being rich. I do enjoy those thoughts. Very much. They feel dreamier, no pressure, hopeful..

I enjoy the thought of being happy.

I do. It’s a good thought.

I enjoy the thought of being in a happy, healthy relationship.

I enjoy the thought of being healthy and vibrant.

Whilst they’re not as strong as ‘I am’, they ARE a great bridge to take us from where we are – to where we want to be.

We often realise our true desires by experiencing it’s opposite. A horrific, destructive relationship is the contrast that gives rise to our desire for a supportive, caring partner in the future.

But from our new place of awareness, we still struggle to move into a place where we can create what we want easily.

We are still battling with our belief system.

Whilst ‘I enjoy the thought of’ is still part of the asking and wanting stage of the Law of Attraction (Ask, believe, receive) – it will feel much better to you – because there is little resistance with it.

After using this for a little while – and enjoying the way it feels, it is then going to be much easier to move into more concrete affirmations such as ‘I AM’

Try it and see if it feels good to you. Just a little shift in our vibration towards the path we want can feel fantastic.

A friend shared with me recently how she phrases what she wants to manifest.

She says:

‘I accept good graciously into my life’

I love that.

So ‘I accept good graciously into my life: health, wealth & happiness’

try adding ‘and so it is done!’

It is often the things that really, really matter ~ the things we really, really want that we have the most trouble with when manifesting with the Law of Attraction. Because when we really want something, our wanting tells the universe that we don’t have it yet. Our energetic frequency is emitting lack or wanting ~ we are a magnet for more ~ so we are brought (attracting) more that feels like lack or wanting. Trying to bridge this gap quicker so we believe we have it now, or trust it is manifesting all in good time ~ is trickier than it first seems.

This is because many of us learning about the Law of Attraction, start from a place of serious lack in our lives ~ the acknowledgement of that lack and desire to think, feel and be a different way, to create change in our lives ~ actually led us to the Law of Attraction. Yet whilst the law of attraction makes sense to us spiritually and psychologically ~ we have not had enough practise in deliberately manifesting the smaller things, to fully trust it yet. Our belief system hasn’t had time to catch up with our desires.

Affirmations are a great way to help our belief system catch up ~ yet I find jumping straight into ‘I AM’ to sometimes be more damaging than helpful so I love finding new ways to phrase this so my subconscious can accept this new change in beliefs.

Share with us any affirmations you use that help to bridge the gap between what you know you don’t have right now ~ and what you would like to manifest!

Blessings, Sarah xx

About The Author

I’m Sarah Cooper, my passions are in: Wellbeing, art, travel & emotional healing.

Through depression I experienced an ‘awakening’ that led me to explore spirituality, psychology and the metaphysical. I want to help other people through this painful process and eventuality open a retreat to bring people together on their healing journey.

I also create Gemstone ‘frequency’ jewellery for: The Law of Attraction, Chakra healing, Yoga, and Spiritual growth. Find out more here: www.lovebeyondthemoon.etsy.com

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