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Our 2nd session is already planned for 2 weeks time 🙂

They are extremely powerful Meditations and each week we will be covering a different type of meditations – there are over 118 different types of empowering Meditations and that’s not including all the Mindful Meditations.

This is for beginners and people that also have experience!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I get out of meditating, I believe its something that can benefit everyone.

The main things I hear is ‘I can’t switch off my mind’ ‘ I don’t know where to start’ so I thought I would team up with Mohan to help you guys learn!

We will be doing a guided meditation that intends to empower the 5 elements of the body/aura and thus empowering areas in our life that need it right now. It has a very practical result.


This will be a chance to learn to meditate with ease, in a nice relaxing environment and to completely switch off for an hour.


Stop the mind chatter
Let go of ego
Get the answers to challenges you face or question and so much more!!
You will experience calmness and tranquility if you meditate often!
You will also be able to deal with any challenges that come your way with ease.

Mohan has been practicing Meditation and Energy Healing since 1988. He considers himself a student who learns each day, although he is a Reiki Grandmaster.

The fascinating World of the Human Aura and the Chakra system gives us deep insight into what holds us back from our true potential and chosen life goals.

Something comfortable to sit on Pillow/Cushion
Warm comfortable clothes
Blanket too just in case you guys get chilly while meditating!

If you missed the first session don’t worry, each session is covering a different meditation. This is not a course 🙂

Blessings x


Take left exit out of south kensington tube station, turn immediately right and cross the road..keep walking past Tesco and it is 2nd turning on the right. You will see a signpost indicating Kendrick Mews



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