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free Live streaming of our events

Live Streaming all our events for FREE!

We are planning to start living streaming all of our events for free WORLDWIDE! I have had so many requests from people asking us to live stream our events so that everyone can get access to the talks at Gathering of Minds – No matter where you are in the World.

We have people logging on the site from all across the Globe everyday so we don’t want you guys to miss out on the powerful speakers and talks we have on at our events!

In order to make this happen, we have joined a crowd funding site to raise the funds we need. We are doing well so far but we need to raise the full target in order to get the funds – we have kept it low in order to reach our goal!

Off the back of this it means all the talks can be filmed and then added on the site for you to watch at a later time – as well as the events going out live so everyone can tune in!

We are offering gifts with each pledge and you can check them out here –https://www.born.com/view/431/gathering-of-minds

Please spread the word and help us go Live!


Jess x



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