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Living In The Now… So Now What?

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The toughest one to trust is that when you dissolve judgment and empty the mind from all stories, needs, fears, expectations or any form of discontentment.. it wont feel like boring emptyness.. it wont be all cold, voided and exempt from emotion, passion and Heart.

The conditioned ego wants us to perceive it this way so that we always end up wanting for more to fill us up, to feel “accomplished” and balanced -because that is how it is programmed, how it survives. It wants us to believe that inner-peace and freedom is a conditional state, yet for it to be real, it is without condition.

Once we surrender to the flow and find that timeless space of Peace within ourselves -despite our environment -we do not become voided and lifeless. We become whole, as we truly are in our natural state. It is in this state of clarity, that we are fully alive and living in the Now. We finally perceive this moment with no judgment, because we see it for what it truly is: A limitless playground that is OUR creation, as it has always been from the beginning.

When we truly grasp this wisdom and begin to live timelessly and from the Heart, everything becomes instant manifestation, for we are truly aligned with ourselves, with the Universe. We are no longer controlled by any stories created in the mind, we are no longer limited by fear.

We have reclaimed our true creator essence, we become effortlessly brave, we are Free.

We have uncovered Who We Truly Are.


by Elina St-Onge

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/



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