Quddous Ahmed |


Pressed for life during the struggle

This cold air creating a frost

Wandering deep in the valley of trouble

In sujood I found what I lost

When everything I was- was fake

Questions to scholars I tossed

With my life what am I to make?

But in sujood I found what I lost

A strong believer is clothed in meekness

At that time I’d do whatever it cost

So in my moment of total weakness

In sujood I found what I had lost

I was a charlatan, a liar and thief

Many lines I eventually crossed

Through His Grace in my heart came belief

And in sujood I found what I lost

In humble submission to Him

My morals are flying aloft

I’m grateful for the position I’m in

Through sujood now I’m no longer lost

Quddous Ahmed



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