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Lost in the stars

Karnan Thasan |

Don’t stand,
Looking down,
And watch your dreams,
Fall like rain,
To the ground,
Hear the sound,
Of all those things
You should have done,
My friend.

When life has thrown
Another blow,
Just lift your head and say hello,
There’s a world up there,
Where dreamers go,
Another world,
Only dreamers know.


Get lost in the stars,
Find your dreams,
Waiting in the sky.
Lost in the stars,
Troubles won’t keep you down,
When you learn to fly,
So pick your dream and fly.

About The Author

Karnan is an aspiring professional lyricist ( and dentist) who enjoys writing on all aspects of love, positivity, hopes, and dreams. Many of his lyrics have not had music put them, but the journey continues to find his words perfect musical partner.

Email: karnanlyrics@gmail.com

Twitter: thelyricalDr@KarnanThasan



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