Quddous Ahmed |

Pressed for life during the struggle

This cold air creating a frost

Wandering deep in the valley of trouble

In sujood I found what I lost

When everything I was- was fake

Questions to scholars I tossed

With my life what am I to make?

But in sujood I found what I lost

A strong believer is clothed in meekness

At that time I’d do whatever it cost

So in my moment of total weakness

In sujood I found what I had lost

I was a charlatan, a liar and thief

Many lines I eventually crossed

Through His Grace in my heart came belief

And in sujood I found what I lost

In humble submission to Him

My morals are flying aloft

I’m grateful for the position I’m in

Through sujood now I’m no longer lost

Quddous Ahmed

About the Author

Born and raised in London, I am currently pursuing a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. I have been writing for over 15 years and mainly write on spirituality, God and the sublime beauty of the life I experience around me.

You can find my video journalism portfolio website at www.TheHounslowJournalist.Com



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