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Unconditional Love

Let love ripple through you… every day…forever and ever…

I chose love over everything because it makes me,

love more,

feel safe,

be happy,

feel warm inside,




and love more

it is,

my source

my whole

my light

my connection

my freedom

my peace

my harmony

my fun

my music

my spirit

which is shared with yours, with all that is that we experience.

Always connected in the art of the heart

to express love, growth and nurture.

Love, the foundation for all.

That sparkle in our eye…I see the universe….. looking out from the universe into it

Wow! Awesome!

oooopsss did you think we was all the same? Really……

I honour my unique nature

I honour my masculine and feminine

I honour my beauty

I honour life as life gives me life


Unconditional love


Kaysen Asante 

‘Light The Path and Lead The Way and People Will Follow’

●  Independent Minds ● Together As One ●










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