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Lovewildorganics Coconut oil

Fermented Coconut Oil – The best ever!

I love coconut oil and all of its benefits. I really got into using it a lot over the last 4 years. I use it as protection in the sun on holiday as an alternative to sun creams.

Over the Years I have tried many different brands and I have often flitted between different brands – until now.

While I was at Veg Fest in London last Year, I picked a new brand of coconut oil that had just come on the market, Lovewildorganics.

They don’t heat the oil up at all – they ferment it over an 8 hour process. The fat molecules have been ‘worked on’ by the bacteria, to prepare the oil for optimal absorption!

I really liked the idea of this process, as I know how much fermented foods can benefit us.

This sets Lovewildorganics a part from the rest for me as I there are not many companies fermenting their oil!

Lovewildorganics have one of the best coconut oils I have ever tasted. Some oils don’t even smell of coconut, which shows the quality is not a good one but this one smells amazing! I use it as a moisturiser and it leaves my skin smelling so nice and feeling soft. I also make my own deodorant and toothpaste so have been using it in that too as well as cooking with it of course. I use it for everything!

Lovewildorganics coconut oil comes in a glass jar, which preserves its quality. And protects the oil from any impurities or contamination that you may experience from storing the oil in plastic jars.

I highly recommend this oil to anyone that cares about getting a good quality coconut oil!

To see more about Lovewildorganics – www.lovewildorganics.co.uk



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