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how to make your own deodorant

Make your own Deodorant – EASY!

Make your own Deodorant!

Natural deodorants are a healthy and safe choice for the prevention of perspiration odour.  Antiperspirants that contain aluminium work by blocking pores to prevent sweating.

The aluminium contained in antiperspirants has been linked to possible health concerns including breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

From a health perspective, sweating is one of the body’s primary methods of eliminating toxins.  Deodorant that eliminates odour naturally without blocking pores or interfering with the body’s natural toxin elimination process is a healthy alternative to aluminium based antiperspirants.

Deodorants on the other hand work by neutralising or diffusing the smell of sweat and by some antiseptic action against bacteria that causes the odour.

Deodorants are mainly alcohol-based but contain a whole host of chemicals including Paraben. A toxic chemicals which has shown up in breast tumours.


The dangers of parabens are just beginning to surface. Weight gain, skin ageing and certain types of cancer are suspected to be caused in part by parabens.

Up to 60 percent of whatever we place on our skin goes into our blood stream and it only takes 16 seconds for whatever you have put on your skin to be absorbed.

This is where the danger starts. A paraben is the most commonly used synthetic preservative in many cosmetics. They ensure a long shelf life by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast and mould. But they are suspected of posing grave health risks with long term exposure.

Paraben Dangers Are Minimised By Irresponsible Companies

When asked “Are parabens bad?” The cosmetic companies insist they are not harmful because they remain on our skin and are not absorbed into our bodies. But, recent studies found parabens in human breast cancer tissue. This raises obvious questions about their ability to accumulate in our bodies.

Companies say they use some form of parabens to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. Many don’t consider it harmful and have no qualms about adding it to their ingredient label. However, there is also evidence that parabens may disrupt the body’s hormone systems by duplicating the effects of oestrogen.

Trade Secrets Used to Hide Paraben Dangers

Makers of cosmetics are required to list their ingredients unless it is fragrance and that is exempt as a “trade secret.”

However be aware that words like “natural “and “organic” do not mean paraben free. Read the label, and don’t be mislead by the front label. Among the ingredients, printed in small letters at the bottom of the back label is where you will find the parabens listed.

Parabens – How Bad Are They?

So…Are parabens bad? It depends on who you ask. Scientists say probably so, and they would like more testing. Big manufacturers who use them say they are absolutely safe. So why then do they hide the ingredients if that can? What is in the fragrance?

Take action to prevent exposure to chemicals we suspect are dangerous. Whilst yes, the body does rid of many chemicals itself, in today’s World we are taking in more chemicals that every before.

I personally think its best to eliminate as many chemicals going into our body as we can. It much less strain on the system. And seemingly, much safer.

Here’s my DIY Deodorant recipe..


3 tbsp coconut oil (I recommend Lovewildorganics)

2 tbsp baking soda (I recommend Ancient Purity)

3 tbsp cornstarch

2 tbsp shea butter – Optional

5 drops essential oil of your choice

Glass jar

Mixing Bowl


How to Make your own deodorant 

  1. Mix the cornflour and bicarbonate soda and add the essential oil – I like to use Lemongrass.
  2. Then add the coconut oil and mash it with the cornflower and Bicarb.
  3. Add in the Shea butter at this point if  you are using that.
  4. Place the mixture into a glass jar and store.

The mixture will turn hard unless you live somewhere which is warm. Just dig a bit out with a spoon when you need to use it, it will melt so you can rub it in.



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