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Mercury goes retrograde – What’s in store this time around?

What does retrograde mean in astrology?

Sometimes the other planets appear to be travelling backwards through the zodiac (this is not actually occurring though). We call this apparent motion retrograde.

When Mercury appears to go retrograde our plans can tend to go pear shape. Curiously, these periods (thrice each year) are good for reflecting on the past. Our Intuition can be finely attuned and we may notice some strange coincidences.

It is prudent to have a contingency plan and be flexible to allow extra time for travel delays, be vigilant when crossing the road or if you have to sign any contracts. It’s often apt to review projects and plans and waiting til Mercury goes direct on the 11th June before making any decisions.

In 2015, Mercury will be retrograde during:

   January 21 – February 11

   May 19 – June 11

   September 17 – October 9

Mercury and You

The type of influence depends on which of the 12 zodiac signs the planet is in when Mercury goes retrograde.

In 2015, Mercury retrogrades three times, all in air signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. This may demand us to be very mentally alert and think on our toes in order to jump into action, akin to how fire fighters have to stop everything and spontaneously slide down that slippery pole to do what has to be done in that moment.

You may have noticed this year, how global events are fairly fast n furious so far, in turn we may be stimulated to be flexible, and adaptable so we can surf the opportunities this year (which are also enhanced by the Leo Jupiter) by saddling up our creative and inventive abilities latently lying in our mental depths.

full-body-warm-sweater-2_cropIf you haven’t already then please start thinking of options, it’s safe to explore possible opportunities and to even think outside the box.

Confidence and latent intuitive abilities may have sprouted this spring as new concepts and possibilities emerge.

2015 is an 8 year which is good for consolidating our ideas in order for us individually and collectively to grow and evolve successfully.

Being bold and armed with unique ideas it is time to be resourceful, innovative and inventive. Thence transition ourself into new and different careers, businesses, and technologies that will make remarkable inventions that will transform our world.

Mercury generally whooshes between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain, which is reflected in Gemini as the sign is often described as a twin 1 personality influence and the ‘Gemini aspected’ of you will tend enjoy multitasking, like toad of toad hall enthusing on the many projects one has ticking over hither n thither…

the etiquette required during a Mercury retrograde is one of “biting ones lippy” n deep sighs of course on a horse..

Being prudent and vigilant are the key words to put into practice, not only whence crossing the road or driving, before leaving home early to allow for extra time due to silly delays, make sure you connect your mind with your body and go easy on alcohol or prescribed mind altering substances. Be mindful that you will need to be able to read your smart phone which you remembered to charge up ready fur action!

N.B. keep that unbelievably fragile phone away from liquids, bathrooms, powder rooms, swimming pools, sauna’s, steam irony…DO NOT TEST OR CHALLENGE MERCS MISCHIEF AT ALL.. also don’t throw any electrical appliances that do breakdown or fall apart till after the 11th June as often they will work as if butter wouldn’t melt… once merc goes strait..

During Mercury retrogrades, we tend to have opportunity’s, which can be awkward for us, to reassess parts of our life. it can be like snakes n ladderers, mostly snakes though making us go back a few steps and start again or just tweak that aerial a little.

This is often a good time to make adjustments (to avoid the icebergs) and follow safe detours (slow ahead mr Christian) until we can get back on track. Be ready for our own confusion and others, that may be created by our reactions to the ever-changing situations.

Thus anything started during this time will ultimately be taken back or even revised further, making for a highly frustrating time, ( it is often a folly to sign any legally binding contracts during a retro merc ) people are more likely to change their minds, renege on agreements or just misunderstand their responsibility’s thus our communication must be acutely honed and clarified (KISS it ) so you are not Mr/Miss understood.

During this heavenly event it can feel like Mercury has gone down to have tea n carrot cake with Hades n got lost in his labyrinth world, where it’s dark and so one needs to trust our other sensory perceptions and respect our fear perhaps.a3502c310549af1dcfe1895ba9236a657d86a298

Curiously, this is often reflected in how we may feel closer to spirit, utilising le right side of our brain. We may even feel more intuitively psychic.

Suddenly the penny may drop and we’ll notice things that may have been missed or ignored previously, e.g. not enough life boats on board for all the passengers n crew.

This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. although free will and (budgetary) choice still dictates whether we act on the realisations that glare at us as history has shown.. having to redo things can be tiresome especially as Merc bumps into the same degree three times, alas autopilot won’t work for this transit .

Timing is everything

We are more likely to slip-up, make mistakes or confuse instructions whilst Mercury is stationary pre retro. After he/we enter the Underworld, we can gallivant freely in Hades hospitality of mines n tar pits.

Then when Merc is stationing direct, just before he whooshes back on track, like a jet lag session, with no arnica present, one should consider meditation fur a few days to allow the slow elevator back up to solar panorama of thought.

Our slip into our underground garden of Hades will be located within the natal house that Mercury retrogrades in. This is where you need to ask questions. If you are unable to delay signing contracts, think about what you really want from the outcome of the process.

As mentioned in previous retro merc explorations, It’s always prudent to complete projects before the retrograde slipstream of no return. Then you can try out different ideas, explore the stalagmites, shine a light through the darkness, then start with clean slate.

3012920Merc goes retro on 19th May then is born agen on 11th June. you may be excited to know that it’ll be the most potent of the three others this year due to the event bumping into some interestingly glaring influential stars of le heavens, including Aldebaran, which is seen in the face of Taurus.

He will be at 9º Gemini where we may notice people become objective and react against evil and false leadership traditions.

Mercury’s duplicity can be confusing, but will expose any prevailing double standards. the theme after this retro and prudent attitude will be to be understanding, patient, adaptable and bend in the winds of change like n ancient palm tree, we may notice mediation meetings betwixt unions and employers. Objections may be prominent as Mars may play a role of devils advocate as he cosy’s up with Merc.

Et en suite

Merc will trine our favourite asteroid Ceres enhancing the benefits of natural and herbal medicine, so do some yoga, try a floatation tank or begin your memoires or detox with fresh summery fruits.

Merc also conjuncts Mars, stimulating impatience, irritability or aggressive flows within us which may need to be channelled safely via spiritual/mental activities including topical passive martial arts. Also beware of le Neptune square which may enhance mercs trickery with some scammy deceiving intrusions, illness, colds or silly accidents can ensue.

do it with such speed and agility, like a humming birds wings…

The winged messenger will be buzzing around hither n thither prolly networking like a gem as the Yod with Pluto and part of a grand trine to Ceres and the North Node reflects. Thus inspiring healing n writing n yoga n green tease..

Interestingly if we look back to the olden daze we can see that Mercs retro’s have decadal/generational cycles i.e. he enters the same signs, almost at le same degrees and calendar days. This clockwork preciseness might be missed as we muddle through le chaotic and confusing situations retrogrades present to us.

Curiously the Merc retro’s we experienced in 2014 were in the same signs, degrees and approximately the same calendar days as in 1935 and socially we are witnessing similar changes as our grand parents may have lived through and may invoke attitude adjustments for humanity. Incidently, Mars also follows the heals of merc, starting le motor for new ideas and attitudes. Thoughts become things just as the spruce goose took to le air over water..

Mercury direct chart is kinder however. We have Mercury sextile benefic Leo Venus in a lovely, romantic minor grand trine to the North Node. Communications are back on track and travel is smoother

Flame-haired warriors, be inspired, reclaim your spiritual fire, dance around maypoles and enjoy the month of Beltane.

Retro Mercs Datelets:

1st May Merc enterers delighted Gemini @ 02:02 am UT

4th May Mercury ennnters the shahhdohhwhh zone @ 4º Gemini

6th May Mercury trine Ceres, hhhmmm

9th May Mercury square Neptune, oucho

19th May Mercury Station Retrograde @ 13º Gemini. 4.48pm UT

27th May Mercury conjunct Mars, in bahrs

30th May Mercury conjunct Sun–Cassimi 6pm UT, that’s special

3rd June Mercury trine North Node, hhhhhhhhh

11th June Mercury sextile Venus, admiring her new dress

18th June Mercury trine North Node, hhhh hhhhh   hhhhh

21st June Mercury trine Ceres, she left him wanting more..

23rd June Mercury square Neptune, oh oh yeah mahhhn

11th June Mercury Station Direct @ 4º Gemini 11.33pm UT

27th June Mercury out of the shadow zone at 13º Gemini


Merlin Wizard

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