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Mercury Retrograde Feb 2015

Mercury Retrograde Feb 2015 – How to handle it

Mercury Retrograde Feb 2015 – How to handle it

By Merlin Wizard

Mercury in Aquarius whirls up the terrain of thoughts, bringing dormant ideas back to life.

Prepare for Mercury Retrograde. Make sure you plan ahead and check n re check to avoid delays in:



Mechanically related dilemmas

 Including delays via :



Electrical systems

Travel via Trains, Cars, Buses, Aeroplanes, et en suite..

Electrical Appliances may breakdown completely or become unstable, unplug them at the mains..

Simple Misunderstandings/ Miss Communication that could ruin your whole day.

It is always prudent to Avoid binding agreements during a Mercury Retrograde… Especially this one in Mentally stimulating Aquarius

We are now in the shadow zone of the Mercury Retrograde, some of us may have already noticed some electrical dilemmas occurring to give us some fun n games, I have heard of some cars breaking down mid flight and we have noticed some huge machines having suddenly extreme safety flaws exposed just this week…

The shadow begins on the 5th Jan and merc actually goes on station on the 21st Jan, we can enjoy his mischief till the end of the shadow on 3rd March even though he goes back on station on the 11th Feb , this is due to him havin to return to the exact degree of the zodiac to get back on track n continue his forward journey…

Mercury will station retrograde from 17º Aquarius back to 1º Aquarius. We start the retrograde period in Aquarius decan 2 which will last from Jan 21 until Jan 31.

The crystalline views of Aquarius frozen In the deep chilling of Winter..

During Mercury Retrograde we can review our life and how we perceive reality, because Mercury has an orbit that sometimes out runs the Sun, we can have an insight into future innovation n ideas. we can then bring those ideas back to the present, assess them and see whether they can be useful to us.

As Mercury retrogrades back into the present, he reconnects with the Sun and we can slip those ideas in gear to mesh with reality and the natural timing of the universe which has no clutch by the way…we just have to keep up with it all…

Mercury rules how we process our thoughts from our sensory perceptions and communication, n how we grasp the role of technology making it possible for ideas to become daily reality.

Our assessments during a Mercury retrograde, are a like bearing check to make sure we are on course on our journey of life. Thus any new project we might begin during this time may be thwarted n require some tweaking but it could become like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole n the feng shui will surely be compromised. It could be caused by a little thing like changing our mind, noticing new ideas and not to be mis-understood.

Mercury retrograde in this and other air signs is a chance to unplug from mental stresses, and can be a breath of fresh air. Be curious about the ideas, new topics/theories/hypothesis’, and plans for action.

Think about:

stepping back from a stuck attitude, take a look at life from a detached view point.

Reconnecting with friends, clubs n colleagues.

Being distracted into unusual, fun and fulfilling mystery tours of your attention.

During a Mercury retrograde tis prudent to not react to situations that present to us, water signs should ignore their feelings of impaction, moods n mental attitude will be in a state of flux or even a turmoil for some of us.

Make use of this time by making observations (deep breaths) and being objective (bite yer lip) in what we witness. we can then collate the data we have gathered when Mercury goes direct, noticing the patterns and creating order out of the chaos.

Tis interesting to note that the universe is akin to a giant clock where the hands go around and come back to the same places at regular intervals and the retrogrades of the planet Mercury also has a cycle where the the same signs affected in a precise n timely manner i.e. not always the same degrees but close to the same days of calendar (see earths wobble).

Lets now think about this “Victorian train like timetable” reliability, amongst the retrogrades somewhat chaotic and confusing affections. curiously if we look at the year 1935, we can see that the Mercury retrogrades of that year will compliment ones we may witness this year, historically society has experienced dramatic changes and upheaval.

We may reach a point of societal chaos which parallels that experienced in 1935 and beyond. Ultimately stimulating us to evolve in a humanitarian manner which Aquarius is all about of course. The Planet Mars (action)also follows a similar cycle combining with Mercury (ideas) can bring these ideas and attitudes into action.

The changes that may have occurred back in those days may be reflected this month if we are noticing similar issues, baring in mind that Pisces also played a part in the 1935 retro. Uranus was also squaring Pluto and was in 2013, 2014, and is now in 2015.

It is poignantly relevant to acknowledge that the clock of the universe has the timing similarities that we see with events in the outside world to the magnetic pull of planetary movements ( see moon n tides).

Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry.

Mercury can traverse the three planes of existence and we may notice that, during this retro Mercury has gone down to the Underworld, where we may feel closer to spirit n be more mentally right-brain. Tis dark dahn ear, n our senses can be honed to the point of hypersensitivity. some will have vivid dreams which can be visions of future events.

Everything we perceive will seem more vivid/louder/smellier etc. WE may notice things you had overlooked before, e.g. not enough lifeboats. This will prompt us to go back to the drawing board to tweak n perfect or start all over again because Mercury will hit the same degree three times.

There may be some tension during this and some lions may roar at us but at the end of the day we will feel confident that the auto pilot of that unsinkable spaceship will work when we switch it on somewhere out there passing that second star to the left n straight on till morning …

Useful dates:

January       5 Mercury enters shadow zone at 1º Aquarius

January       8 Mercury conjunct Venus

January     14 Mercury sextile Uranus

January     15 Mercury trine North Node

January     21 Mercury station retrograde at 17º Aquarius

@: 3.54pm GMT, 10.54am EST, 7.54am PST

January     22 – 26 Mercury wide opposition Jupiter

January     27 Mercury enters combustion with Sun

January     28 Mercury Rx sextile Uranus, Mercury trine North Node.

January     30 Mercury Cazimi Sun

@: 1.52pm GMT, 8.52am EST, 5.52am PST

February     3 Mercury out of combustion with Sun.

February     5 Mercury sextile Saturn

February   11 Mercury station direct at 1º Aquarius

@: 2.56pm GMT, 9.54am EST, 6.54am PST

February   19 Mercury sextile Saturn

March         1 Mercury opposite Jupiter

March         3 Mercury out of the shadow zone at 17º Aquarius


Turns Retrograde                       Mercury travels between                       Turns Direct

←                                                    ↔                                                   →

January 21, 20151°18′                        17°5’Aquarius                           February 11, 2015

15:54 GMT                                                ↔                                             14:57 GMT

10:54 AM EST                                                                                           9:57 AM EST

7:54 AM PST                                                                                             6:57 AM PST


Mercury Retrograde Feb 2015

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About Merlin Wizard

I have been a professional, intuitive Astrologer and spiritual mentor for 36 years.

I can guide you by using a selection of techniques that I have developed from Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, meditation techniques and several more eclectic methods at my finger tips.

I have written extensively and facilitated workshops on personal empowerment and guidance techniques for many years in locations around the world and practice an individual person centred ethic rather than expecting one size to fit all.

Some of the astrological topics I have knowledge of and specialise in include:

 Interpretation how specific aspects found in birth charts can enhance a persons ability to excel in a chosen area

 How our natal moon affects fertility.

 Observations on compatibility when we fall in love. I believe we all have free will to make choices in life. I can help when you are coming up to a crossroads, so that you can explore different options safely to improve your current situation.

My approach is reflective and intuitive.




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