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Mind Body and Spirit: Finding the Ultimate Balance

It’s amazing that in this day and age there is a lot of focus on being active, joining the gym and exercising alongside endless promotions about fad diets. The media has bombarded us with information to make changes to the physical body.

Exercise to increase the oxygen percentage to feed our cells and build muscle mass so we become stronger and our functional organs work more efficiently. Diets to reduce fatty acid intake, to reduce fat mass within our body and to generally have healthier skin.

All these physical promotions are very good, serve a purpose, however it only focuses on the physical element of our whole selves.

We have a physical body, inside our head is a brain that controls all our bodily functions and emotions and the body is the cage for our spirit. It would make sense that the brain and spirit need as much focus, care and attention as the physical body.

If any of the three parts of the self are out of balance then physical and mental illness and diseases will be present.


If the person only focuses on improving the physical and going for treatment for the physical only, for example, medication and operations, then the illness and disease may either get worse or come back again in months or a year’s time. Of course I am not denying there are so many success stories, but my blog is based on those stories that are not successful and to empower the whole self for prevention purposes.

Before I begin discussing the empowering tools to promote your mind and spirit self I want to share a story.


Because I want to emphasise the point that as human beings we struggle to learn from other peoples experiences and mistakes. We only learn from our own experiences and mistakes in life.

My brother and I learnt about balance and prevention from two major life experiences. Our father who died of a brain tumour and mother died of cervical cancer. We now live in a prevention mind set and lifestyle, we aim daily to gain balance in our mind, body and spirit, to stop the cycle from being repeated.

I will share our changes in lifestyle throughout. Read the story with an open mind and heart. As you read you can make notes on how to empower yourself on lifestyle changes you may want to make.

My story: Due to being so young as children we did not have the capacity to comprehend or understand what caused my dad to get a brain tumour. What we do know is that he would exercise every day and eat healthy. He was our sporty role model and got both my brother and I into sports on a professional level.

Due to his physical self being so well, as children we didn’t understand why he got ill. Then when our mother got diagnosed with cancer, this was when the real journey started. My mum ate a healthy diet, cut out gluten, caffeine and diary. She regularly went to aerobic classes and enjoyed walking.

She had a stable job, a new promotion and a great friendship circle. She was Irish so drinking on a regular basis was normal to her culture. 2 years before the cervical cancer manifested, my brother and I thought that she was lonely and occasionally she would discuss this with us.

My mum would drink to overcome this and throughout time we realised that there where unresolved emotional issues from her mother and older sister who live in Ireland.

In June 2011, she got diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to undergo a hysterectomy. During this time our mother still continued to drink alcohol but she now became more open to talk about her emotions to a certain degree.

Both my brother and I wanted to help my mum heal herself as we didn’t want to lose her to a disease. My brother spent many hours researching on the internet and we found many interesting consistencies in the following information. (This information is NOT meant to be used as a probable diagnosis, however there is a lot of new research that supports this theory).

– cancer is an emotional disease

– stubbornness manifests into disease because people are unable to let go of something that has happened in the past (reference to study)

– cancer develops due to an imbalance in the mind, body and spirit as they are all connected

– manifestation of a disease is a result of the mind telling the body that something is not right. We have repressed the mind, so the mind has no choice but to manifest an illness and disease to say ‘hey something isn’t right here and you need to deal with it quick”

– there are many herbs, vitamins, foods and eastern therapies (treatment a & exercises) that can heal cancer through a detoxifying process of the mind, body and spirit

Due to finding out so much, that isn’t in the mainstream media and press we encouraged emotional conversations from our mum. But what happened? We hit a defence. We found she was very stubborn, didn’t want to stop drinking and didn’t think it was a problem, so she was in denial.

She didn’t believe in taking healthy substances, grasses, herbs and vitamins to detoxify her body. Why? because ultimately she was stubborn and she didn’t take responsibility to do all of this research herself to empower herself in the healing process.

In October 2011, the cancer had spread, mum went through more radio and chemo therapy, which destroyed her whole immune system and she became weak and frail. In the end she gave up and just wanted to die, she was fed up of being sick and undergone such invasive, destructive radio and chemo therapy treatment.

She gave up the fight for life.

The most incredible stages where the last stages of dying. The last four weeks before she passed she did the following;

– She wrote a letter to her mother and sister explaining all the pain they had put her through over the last 32 years of her life. By writing this letter she brought up all of her repressed emotions, disclosed them and let go.

– She told me, her daughter, three situations that she was upset about – decisions I had made when I was 18, 21 and 22 years of age. I had no idea that my mum felt this way about these three isolated situations. She explained how she felt and how it affected her. Now I knew why she was bitter towards me at times.

– She told her family members and close friends about how much she loved them and was grateful for their relationships.

It took my mum to be on her death bed to let out her emotions, both positive and negative to those who had such an impact in her life.

Should it take any human being to be on their death bed to share their emotions with anyone? Do you want to be on your death bed before you share?

What is so incredible about this, is that mum knew she had to let out, ask for forgiveness, give thanks and share how much she loved those close to her. Before we die we realise that everything material and physical doesn’t matter anymore. What does matter is what we think and how we feel.

Every day of our lives we should have a healthy mind, we should tell people how thankful we are for them being in our lives. We should tell people who we love, that we love them and are grateful for the love they give back to us.

This is a healthy emotional mind.

Learn from the story.

My brother and I now give gratitude daily to people we cross and share unconditional love with every soul. We tell people we love them, even if they are a stranger who has helped us or made us laugh. Why? Because they have taken the time out to make us happy and support us, which should be thanked.

We exercise, spend time in nature and eat a homemade healthy fruit and vegetable juice at least three times a week. We eat a more alkaline based diet and have reduced our animal intake (see my next blog for more information on the alkaline diet).

If we have a problem or conflict with anyone, in the moment we discuss it with the person and then let go. We never go to sleep on argument. We now live emotionally happy because we are able to let go of things instantly.

Don’t get me wrong some experiences may take hours to let go of, but we realise this is just our own stubborn nature that we continue to work on. Why would you choose unhappiness over happiness. Doesn’t really make sense right?

So what about nourishing the spirit and soul?

The last day before my mum passed my aunty and uncle came to visit. They got us all to sit up, hold hands and pray. This was the first time in two weeks, my mum sat up, brought herself forward and joined hands with us all to pray.

Previously, we had suggested prayer or having a priest come round and she refused all. But, in this moment, she sat up, joined in prayer and had a smile on her face! The dying human being at the last stages knew what was right for her spirit and soul.

Prayer nourishes the spirit, it is a focused mind with a set intention. Prayer is giving gratitude and asking for guidance from our creator, source, God, the universe, (which ever words work best for you). Pray to the creator.

Meditation and mindfulness is a great practice, as we are able to just be still, at peace and calm within the mind. Sleep is a form of meditation, we sleep to recharge and get peace but we can do this at any point in the day, we do not have to wait till night time, be a sheep and follow the rest of society!

There are so many complementary therapies out there too that aim on bringing the whole self into balance. (see links below)




Like I said before, you do not have to learn from my mum’s mistakes, you do not have to learn from our journey. You can just empower yourself to be responsible for your health. Focus on keeping the mind, body and spirit healthy. This is the trick!

Earth is a beautiful place, full of beautiful food and beautiful people.

Eat well, exercise at least 3 times a week, spend time in nature and socialise everyday with different people. Talk to strangers and get to know your neighbours. Embrace and enjoy life for its happiness and fruitfulness.

If you want to find out more information or just talk add me to facebook: search Pura Aura or Tweet @puraaura

Kaysen x

About The Author

As a Healer and Teacher I have a desire and passion to help and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives to be healthy and happy.

Experiencing a colourful life and loosing both parents to cancer spiralled a journey of discovery in the deeper meaning of life.

In November 2014 I ventured to the Amazon Rainforest and spent 20 days with an Indigenous Tribe, which connected me home, to Mother Earth.

My journey so far has been incredible; all of my experiences empower me daily to be the happiest women on earth and to share the love and light with you all.

Read my messages with an open heart and receive healing from a voice that lays within you. Love Kaysen @ Pura Aura See it and Grab It!

‘’There is so much opportunity around us, but only a few people open there eyes to see it. Are you one of them? We are living in the land of opportunity… so what are we doing with it?’’ @puraaura #onelove



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