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Does your mood effect your dreaming?

Do our dreams mirror what we are sensing in our physical reality during the day? 


Do our moods have an impact on our dream state and our dream control?


Do our daily moods and actions reflect what we experience in our dream reality?


Last week a good friend of mine raised an interesting question, whether or not our mood would affect our dreams, now I feel compelled to delve into this topic even further.


I believe that what we experience through the day and how we set our mind can either work for or against us. Our dreams are like sponges; they soak every last thought and emotion especially from the previous day. General thoughts, past emotions, daily emotions etc. are condensed in our dreams for us to learn from.


Intuitive Dream Knowing

Through the years, I have found a stunning correlation between feeling positively happy with my general outlook and with my lucid dreaming success rate.


lucid-dreamingWhen I am happy and choose to act from a state of love for others, and myself I will have a guaranteed spontaneous DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream), just by going straight to sleep! I do literally nothing, no mantra, no supplement and no technique!


Is it then safe to say that being in a state of constant love is our natural birthright? More than likely…


For example, one day I’m having a perfect day, everything is going well, I‘m thinking from my heart and not my (upper) brain.


Just before I retire for the night I feel a great spiritual sense of waking lucidity, a state of being that can only be described as pure bliss. I then intuitively feel that,with no doubt in my mind, I will have a Lucid Dream that night. Hay-Presto! It works!!


The Science of Love

If we are in a state of love towards others and ourselves, we can be sure we are vibrating at a high frequency within our individual electro magnetic field.


This of course works the other way too; remember there are always two sides of a coin. When we are in a place of fear our electro magnetic field will be osculating at a low frequency.


Our thoughts are a complete reflection of what we want to attract in our lives. The higher the frequency we vibrate the more success we have at naturally being Lucid, both in waking reality and our dream reality. 


I’m Confused and Can’t Remember my Dreams!

This is quite common amongst the dreaming community. Myself for example, experienced the famous blank-dream-memory this morning.


Yes, It can even happen to experienced dreamers! Right now my personal life is occupied in trying to find a permanent residence thats suitable for my newborn. So as you can imagine, at times I can be in a state of worry and confusion.


Yesterday was one of those days and I went to sleep frustrated and worried. Upon awakening I could not remember any of my dreams at all! Not even one small dream sign!? 


This is really strange for me as I keep a daily record in my journal. This is highly expected when we are in a place of fear and confusion.


Like the graph shown above, yesterday I was vibrating at a lower rate than usual thus making my dream reality invisible. If this is what you are experiencing, don’t worry and you should not get into the habit of beating yourself up.


There is no denying that our present society is extremely demanding and can cause obvious strain on our emotional magnetic field.


But I feel that if we are aware of our state of being, are willing to work on ourselves and think from our hearts instead of our upper brains, then this should work amazingly in our favour. 


Alternatively if you are in a state of love most of the time and are convinced that you “just don’t dream”, then this could be a result of how important you think dreams actually are.


Ask yourself the following question; “how important are my dreams?” 


Whats the remedy if I’m in a state of low vibration? 


This particular Taoist metaphor speaks wonders to me when trying to understand the true reflection of waking and dreaming. The picture below speaks a thousand words when understanding its true meaning.


If we were to stand above the still crystal blue water, we can see the bottom very clearly, as well as our own reflection staring back at us. Now, if you were to drop a small pebble that hits the water you would then discover that you could no longer see the bottom.


In-fact, you could not even see your own reflection and the water would have turned murky because of the pebble hitting the river floor.You could try and force your eyes to see something, but it would be almost impossible because of the disturbance in the water! This is how our dream/wake realities intertwine.


By not disrupting your mind (the water) with small pebbles (fear based thoughts), it allows you to see with great clarity. If we are calm and act from a place of love we get to see our true reflection thus being lucid at all times.


We can quiet our busy minds with the wonderful practice of meditation. It really demands no effort than simply being in a state of peace, eyes open or closed. If you simply sit, breathe deeply and pay close attention to the now, your mind will follow and thus be clear of any external thoughts.


This is a wonderful way to calm your waters


Nick Barrett



About Nick Barrett

Nick Barrett is the author of eBooks, 'Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming' and the 'Dreamscape series one', along with being the blog author for the 'Alwayz Lucid' website and creator of fictitious cartoon character, 'Dr. Lucid.' Nick is also a trained Medical Qigong practitioner levels, 1-3. Some mysterious force always guided the author's journey from when he was a child, what that 'force' was exactly, he wasn't sure! He then made it his prime objective to find out the answers through his lucid dreams and thusly, located and sealed the bond with his spirit guide. He confides in his guide regularly, in times of need, to access higher states of awareness and to seek new ancient wisdom. Throughout all that he writes and what is shared, his guide is forever by his side advising him along the way. Nick now dedicates his full time, in sharing with others to help raise global consciousness, and provides insight into the true nature in spiritual companionship and lucid dreaming. http://www.alwayzlucid.com

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