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Moody Mango Raw Food pop up – London

Moody Mango (Great Name) a Raw food gourmet pop up, has won me over.

I was lucky enough to grab one of the places at their last pop up just in time before the places all sold out.

Only fresh local and organic ingredients are used.

The event was on a Tuesday evening which I like, its always nice to have something to do mid week while you’re waiting on the weekend. So I headed down their with a couple of friends.

Moody Mango bases itself at the Black Cat in Hackney every month. I like the Black Cat, it’s a relaxed and chilled out café right next to Hackney Central Overground.

The menu sounded amazing and we all couldn’t wait to try the food.

moody mangoFirst up on the menu – Beet Ravioli, Pepper Puree, Parsley Ricotta. The first thing that grabbed me was how great the presentation was.

The beetroot ravioli was so nice! I loved the pepper puree and the parsley ricotta. The flavour’s were excellent.

I felt really inspired to go home and create some new raw food!

Next was – Polenta, Hemp Pesto, Glazed Portobello Mushrooms, Black Pepper Cream.

This is my favourite dish of the evening. I absolutely loved it! The hemp pesto and the black pepper cream was so so good and complimented the flavours on the plate so well!

The dessert was Spiced Pecan Crumble, Apple, Strawberries and Cream. Flavours were really nice and the spiced pecan crumble worked really well. I spent most of the time trying to work out how they had made the raw crumble – I didn’t figure it out.

The Aperitif was an Elixir Tonic with so many different flavours including Cacao. It was a lovely finish to the food and made me feel really nice!

moody mangoOverall the experience was excellent and a massive 10/10 for everyone involved.

The food was some of the best Raw Food I have ever had.

You could see each course was carefully planned out to compliment the next and how much effort had been put in.

The atmosphere was lovely and relaxed too. I would recommend it to everyone.

Only £25 for 3 courses and an Aperitif.

The next Moody Mango is 28th July. Click here for more info!



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