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My experience with Kambo plus Shardai Lynn’s interview on overcoming depression with Kambo

My Kambo Experience

A few weeks ago I arranged to have a Kambo healing ceremony at home with Shardai Lynn, a  qualified Kambo practitioner. I wanted to write about my Kambo experience as I got a lot from it. I have had quite a few really busy months, setting up a new business whilst maintaining Gathering of Minds and everything else too, and that doesn’t come without stresses!

(To listen to Shardai Lynn’s interview on how she overcome depression using Kambo please scroll down)

In the past I had heard from friends that experienced Kambo healing ceremonies, they all said the after effects of this Sacred medicine were really positive. When my friend and GOM Speaker Shardai became a Kambo practitioner I was keen to experience it with her. We have been friends for over 10 Years so it was lovely to share this with her.

The Kambo ceremony with Shardai was really beautiful and I felt relaxed. I knew the process wasn’t necessarily going to be easy but I was mentally prepared. After the secretion was administered I began to purge out all these horrible toxins, most of which stay in us and go on to make us sick or the body break down. I had drank 2 litres of water prior to this so make the purging easier.

It wasn’t as bad as I had expected but everyone experiences are different and the whole process lasted for 40 mins. I had a nap, ate some soup and felt really clear headed for the rest of the Day.

The next Morning when I woke up I felt amazing! I had the best nights sleep in a LONG time and I felt like all the stress toxins in my body were gone. I hadn’t felt that energised in a long time. I am feeling creative again because my mind isn’t clouded.

The quality of the work I am getting done throughout the Day has been great. My problem solving and ideas have also increased too.

Kambo has truly reset me.

I will definitely be doing another ceremony again soon. I feel great! Thank you so much Shardai my dear friend.


Update 8th Jan 2015

Since I made this post, I have been lucky enough to have in 2 more Kambo treatments. I can honestly say Kambo has not only given me clarity, but its shifted a blockages in me enabling me to have even more focus, more inner peace, more trust in the process.

I would massively recommend anyone wanting to experience the benefits of Kambo to give Shardai a shout. She can be reached by contacting us here

To read more about Shardai Click here

Listen to Shardai’s interview on Kambo and how she overcome her battle with depression below. You can also listen to the show on the Gathering of Minds website – Live! Check out who’s on, when and listen to the show Click here



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