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My Mate Your Date – An excellent way of meeting new people

I was a bit dubious to try out yet another dating app. After all of the horrors I’d experienced with other dating apps and websites – I was often left feeling frustrated and annoyed at myself for putting faith into the web in the hope of finding a bit more than a late night, occasional fumble.

My Mate Your Date was recommended to me by a friend who too had been introduced to the app by a close friends and was enjoying the chance to meet genuine people not simply after a one night stand.

My Mate Your Date works on the concept that the strongest relationship matches often come via mutual friends and the app itself is just that – a tool that allows you to discover and meet other singles hiding in your online social circles.

You either can secretly review your friends’ single friends, or you can play cupid for your single friends via the matchmaking tool built into the app! So it was perfect for somebody like me who has a real fear of meeting strange, new people – yet wants nothing more than to do just that!

My Mate Your Date bridges the gap between the knowns and unknowns of this foreign cosmos we call the dating scene and allows you to make friends with friends of friends in the most relaxed and unhurried way. And because you have friends in common, people tend to converse a little more like adults!

Everybody is there for the same reason.

The app also uses a sophisticated intelligent matching system to ensure that your matches are like-minded people with similar interests. For example, if you like Gathering of Minds on Facebook then the app will tend to match you with singles who also like sites about mindfulness.

This means no more awkward silences, blind dates or interests based on a picture alone. Here you can meet the kind of people that you really want to meet and then make friends.

The app is easy to download, simple to use, connects directly with Facebook and is entirely free to use. I thoroughly recommended My Mate Your Date!

Give it a try today guys and maybe you can meet your match too!

Check out the site here

J 🙂

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