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My Precious Self-Image…

Have you noticed how the ego wants to be the noble one, never wanting to get off its high horse… or only willing to admit its ‘faults’ and issues if it can AT LEAST be paired with a story that makes it seem justifiable or righteous? It’s hard for an ego to admit it has an ego… right? Much easier to admit it if followed by a “Yes but [Insert Justification Here]”

Well the only reason it’s tough is if we still hold on to self-image, which usually comes with the baggage of self-judgment. We ‘secretly’ judge our self-image for ‘being at fault’ or even for ‘having an ego’, which drives us to want to defend or justify our position to avoid feeling judged. We want to be ‘perfect’ or else we’re self-sabotaging. Having an ego myself, I can relate to this experience.

But if we could understand that there is no such thing as making a mistake or being at fault personally, having our ego in the spotlight wouldn’t be such an issue. We would actually look forward to it so that we could further let go of what we are not.

See, we are not the ego, we are not our conditioning. It is just an experience we are having – one that we aren’t bound to. So why make it all personal? Why try to make this imaginary self-image look “better” when it isn’t who we are in the first place? Well… we do so because we believe it is who we are.

Nothing can intimidate the Self, it can only intimidate the self-image.” – Mooji

We believe we are a separate little human in the midst of other separate little humans that must do everything they can to feel better and bigger… if not = vulnerability = insecurity. But what our ego will never tell us is that being completely honest with ourselves and open – without trying to protect anything – is the very way out of our ego. It is the very way to freedom.

You are the un-manifested and the ego is a temporary manifestation. You have confused the two.” – Micheal Jeffreys

In truth, we are the detached observer watching the ego do its thing. We are already whole. We are infinite love watching a little human being at war with itself (not that the war has to keep going). It can be quite comical from this perspective actually. So why protect or try to justify a self-image that isn’t even who we are? A self-image that is temporary anyways… one that is committed to make itself miserable by making inner-peace so conditional upon feeling ‘better’, ‘bigger’, ‘righter’…

P.S. This message is for everyone, but I’ve noticed an even stronger need to protect this self-image in the ‘spiritual community’, now that this idea of the ‘ego’ has been transformed into such a ‘bad’ and ‘shameful’ thing. The ego is just an experience that our souls have signed up for only to learn how to evolve beyond its control. So how do we evolve beyond its control?

First things first: by not judging it.

Much Love,




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