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Orbs – My Experience with video footage!

On 21 March 2011, Spring Equinox, 16 minutes of live energy orbs and inter-dimensional communication was filmed at The Mortuary Temple of Rameses III, Egypt. (original copy of the original film (no flash)) including smaller clips has been donated to PSI Science Institute Japan). Former-President of College of Psychic Studies, London, Max Eames, described it as, “The best material I have seen.” The College of Psychic Studies has a unique archive library of priceless research material collated since 1887.

In 2011, at The Mortuary Temple of Rameses III, Egypt, (c.1180 BC),  groundbreaking new super-consciousness realities and inter-dimensional communication phenomena for planetary and humanity super-transformation were recorded live during filming. There is a live inter-dimensional communication between Tracey Ash (professional healer) and the inter-dimensional sources named during the filming. (see PSI archive).

During March 2011, there was a monumental time of world change, during the Arab Spring and just days after Fukushima’s nuclear disaster post tsunami. The film recorded both narrative and constant stream of energy manifestations, physical objects and orbs phenomena. Manifestations of feathers behaving outside of gravitational law and thousands of active energy orbs varying in speed and intensity (of varied size, shape- circular, circular with tails and colours- white/blue) were filmed during 16 minutes.

During this live energy orbs phenomena and manifsetations, the group (led by Tracey Ash) in super-transformation and super-meditation processes focused upon ancient Egyptian neters (translated as functions of Creation, gods/goddesses, devas)- Ra, Aten, Sirius, Osiris, Anubis. Archangels- Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael-in super-focus on individual and collective vision, global and humanity healing.

Christ Consciousness and Akhenaten were also experienced and activated. Importantly, applying ancient technologies (ancient time/no time) with concise intention to client in the precise now moment of 21 March, 2011 at precise location, The Mortuary Temple of Rameses III,

This process delivered a continuous explosion of thousands of multi- energy orbs activity, random activity, white, blue green, perfect orbs, orbs with tails that culminate in a deep, rich, thick blanket of light and visual, opaque, white energy on the floor of the temple. White feathers were produced from vortexes or star gates defying gravity and being absorbed back into vortexes at higher access points.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead depicts the weighing of the human heart on scales against the feather. Eternal life only guaranteed when the feather weighs more than the human heart. These are possible clues to the magical super-speed, ‘out of time’, ‘out of reality’ structures of ancient alchemy.

It is here super-realities, inter-dimensional communication and super-time concepts can be accessed. This indicated a massive clue- that a group of advanced meditators working together for earth and humanity must be transformed first…through intensive, applied, super-alchemy processes then miracles can be accessed, witnessed and created. The power of a group is potentially super-transformational and may accelerate incredible frontiers of change and possibilities.

This led me to explore and apply this belief structure individuals outside of this event? The key processes of super-consciousness alchemy to create super-transformation and influence reality.

These processes are accelerated by working at earth power sites, for example, The Mortuary temple of Rameses III, is a renowned power site near the Valley of the Kings, as is Luxor which contains ancient monuments built in ancient geometry principals on even older, ancient earth power sites.

It is interesting then to contemplate briefly, what the ancients understood in terms of earth power sites as portals to other dimensions, encrypted with ancient knowledge for all time.




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