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Our Current Times: A Strong Energy Shift Transformation

By Kaysen Asante |

Have you heard? People across the globe are talking about the current sacred time here on earth, especially the strong energy shift.

Here on earth we are experiencing a shift in consciousness, awareness and reality. Moving from 3rd Dimensional reality to 4th Dimensional reality. The transition from 3D to 4D requires one to change, ‘get rid of the old and embrace the new’.

Over millions of years humanity has used ‘Creators’ creation to fuel greed, hunger, poverty, abuse, trauma and negative energy only intended for the self and destruction. Now it is time to take that leap in our evolution and restore earth back to its harmony, where love, fruitfulness, kindness, compassion and positive energy is only intended for the best of all existence.

For some of you reading this article you may already be familiar with the information, it could be the first time you have heard these claims, you may not believe in it or feel it resonates with you. Each and every one of us have our own preference on the type and means of how we receive information. You may prefer to read or listen, which could be from a religious or spiritual background. Open your heart and read information that resonates with you. Don’t pass judgement and go with the flow. All that I have learned resonates with me, so here is my share.

The times we are living in

Since the year 2012 the earth has been given energy upgrades and is due to continue until the year 2032.

From all of my religious, cultural, spiritual and life’s lessons I have realised that so many different sources of information have proven to have many consistencies. They all make reference to the current times on earth, the following terms may resonate with you;

  • ‘living times of prophecy’
  • ‘transformation’
  • ‘new earth’
  • ‘return to garden of Eden’
  • ‘New Age’
  • ‘End of the World’ and so forth

One example of the energy shift that has been happening is demonstrated through changes in nature, climate change and the elements. Click on the link below to find out about more detailed information about how the Gamma Rays emitting from the Sun is affecting earth.

More information:  http://data.worldbank.org/topic        http://climate.nasa.gov/news/2218/

(There are many more articles, research and supporting evidence that explains the exact current transformational change in all aspects of reality on the internet and in various texts which are very accessible).

Dolores Cannon (2014) quotes, ”due to the prolonged human experience in a negative and unbalanced reality Earth and all in it are very dense. Dense/density means;

1.the degree of compactness of a substance.
2.the quantity of people or things in a given area or space. (The Oxford Dictionary, 2015)
There is too much of everything in one space and environment. Currently on earth  the energy  is very negative therefore destructive. Instead of supporting life we are destroying life.
A few examples of how density matters in our reality:

  • greed,- too much materialism, clothes, cars, technology
  • consuming to much food and drink; eating unhealthy foods
  • overpopulated areas
  • wars
  • technology; nuclear, nano, radiation
  • pollution; smoking, burning fuels, littering, non-bio gradable materials
  • poor health; the medical  world are prolonging life, intoxication, substance misuse, lack of exercise
  • Research shows that in the UK the general public will have more than 2 televisions in  their household. Do we actually need 2 or more TV’s?
  • If you live in a city area you only have to look out of your window or travel to work and observe your journey #concrete jungle #misreablefaces #humanrobots

The list continues….. I only have touched the surface but you are able to vision the picture of the destruction and the destructive nature we have created?! We could assume based on our current situation that the only hope for earth and all that is in it is destruction and elimination.

Can you imagine what would happen in years to come if we continued on this path?

If  we were to continue living at this dense and negative frequency?

Is this your will?

Is this ‘Creators’ will?

The Changes

In order to move out of this density Earth has had to undergo an energy upgrade. A cleansing process. Getting rid of the old to make space for the new. Have you bared witness to earth’s natural cleansing process. For example, after severe hot weather it will rain heavy and consistently for a day or so. The rain cleanses the roads, streets, land and feeds all life. We see tornado’s, earthquakes, severe storms, floods, snow fall, extreme temperatures and natural disasters. Sometimes earth will create tornado’s or earthquakes to depopulate. Earth knows by its nature when a cleansing, restoring and clearing process is needed.

During these current times we will witness the cleansing process more rapidly and dramatic changes will take place as it prepares for a renewal. The DNA in all living things will be upgraded.  This means certain strands of DNA will be activated which are usually dormant in human existence here on earth in 3 Dimensional reality.

During this time some of us may have personal experiences, feel change within or within your world around you. Some examples are as follows;

  • severe tiredness
  • feeling of unbalanced, for example, fatigued, dizzy, confused, not able to focus
  • reluctant to complete certain tasks, unmotivated
  • change in appetite and diet
  • long awake periods or restless sleep
  • different, significant, vivid dreams which either do or don’t make sense
  • change in perceptions towards life
  • change  in wanting to be more natural, connect more with nature and natural order
  • overall awakening to your current situation, relationships and the world around you

You may experience loads of symptoms and new abilities during this period. Click the link below and see if any resonate with you.


Elio-David quotes.

” What I do see is the energies of the new paradigm becoming more prominent in places that one might not expect, and I also see people around me having surprising new awareness and awakenings. I also see people having more acute struggles and challenges where they are being forced to deal with issues that they are either uncomfortable with or are in denial about”

You see, the shift is not only in full effect, it is accelerating. That means that there is an opportunity for both faster healing and more profound breakthroughs in understanding, but also for faster demise where change is resisted. Those who are unable to make the shift in this lifetime will ultimately leave the body and come back again in another incarnation and pick up where they left off, in a period of time where the light quotient on the planet will be much greater, and they will have much more support. At the same time, the new generation is coming in wired very differently than their parents. They are having a much easier time adapting to the new energy, and so will it be for subsequent generations.”

(visit his website for more info. http://www.enlightenedperformance.com/)

Other changes that are happening in the world around us:

  • natural disasters
  • epidemic illnesses and diseases
  • a decline in big corporations financial status and popularity
  • decline in statistics for consumers of unhealthy foods

The list continues and continues as creation is one big evolution that will keep improving itself. However, for the time being these are some changes you may experience and can be very significant as your life will change and not return to the old.

Do what you feel is best. Feel your way through. We are blessed with instinct, ‘the gut feeling’ so listen to yourself.  I cannot tell you what is best for you are the decider.  Your journey will be unique to you. Again, you are not alone in the this journey as everything is and will be affected.
What I have found best for myself during this times is to ride the waves out! Go with the flow and I do not resist, 100% surrender to the moment. I myself have experienced very restless nights, intense lethargy, tingling and rushes of energy through my body, change in social circles, career and I am more enthusiastic to connect with, people, nature and animals. I have days where I have a lot of energy and days where I just want to rest and sleep despite having plenty of rest.

Its time not to hold on but to clear out those cluttered draws of yours.

As well as, seeing change within ourselves we will see it happen all around us in other people. I have witnessed people awakening to the fact that a ‘transformation’, a change is happening in various places from different sources, for example, people in my local community, people I engage with daily. People are more concerned about saving mother Earth to bring all back into balance that is nurturing to our environment within the creators will.

The whole earth as we know it will change for the better for all. Current systems will collapse and new systems will be created. Everyone being more willing to work together as a community to support each other.  For example, there are many indigenous people who live harmoniously in the rules and laws of the land across the globe.

What is the evidence to date of people taking action?

  • the start of Earth Ships, Eco Living, Energy Efficiency and Recycling
  • increase of people taking more of an interest in healthy eating, veganism, vegetarianism
  • more health food shops opening in main cities, for example, London UK, you have Leon, Pod
  • big corporations like Mc Donald’s and KFC introduced healthier food options, for example, wraps, salads, rice and fruit snacks to their menus
  • more people helping in their local community, social enterprises and charities
  • #actofkindness across social networks
  • more activism, uprisings, protest and people standing up for the truth and human rights
  • more people are talking about prevention; for example, NHS & more people engaging in complementary therapy and alternative medicine for illnesses and diseases
  • exposure of MPs, celebrities and the elite have been exposed for criminal acts such as, Fraud, paedophilia and trafficking
  • communities have and are forming parties, groups to have a voice, for example, Russell Brand Activist, Anonymous Computer Hackers, Uprisings across the globe

This list is not exhausted and there are many changes happening within all sectors and environments across the Globe. Whether we agree or disagree all is happening right now, has been happening and continues to change daily without our control.

It is time for earth to heal and restore all back to goodness, growth and positive evolution. It needs a deep clean from all the of the darkness that has occurred over the years.
Some of us are star children and came here for special duties to provide service to humanity’s evolution. Realise your beauty, unconditional love and power that lays within. Do not fear  to be the best you can be and more. You have a voice, very impressive talents, are so kind and compassionate. Wake Up and see who you really are! A star!

Stay blessed. Be strong. Open your heart and share your life’s journey with all. Connect daily with nature and follow your heart.

Blessed people. Sending you all love and peace during this time.

Tip: to ground yourself daily, take your shoes off and touch your bare feet to the grass and soil. Take deep breaths in and out until you are embraced in natures heaven.

For more information see list below

Here are a some little gems. YouTube or Google search the following people;

– Dolores Cannon

– Diane Cooper

– Bashar – Channelled by Darryl Anka

– Sherry Wilde

– Moji

– All religious sacred texts in all religions for example, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Sikhism, Mormonism,

– All books written about prophecy for example, Nostradamus, text by Dolores Cannon and many more not listed.

By Kaysen Asante







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