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How to Be at Peace: Stop the Noise

How to Be at Peace: Stop the Noise

Wisdom is power, but how often do we not listen? How often do we not listen to our inner wisdom? How often do we ignore what is right for us?

Having worked with women to overcome heartbreak over the past 2.5 years, this is what I have come to realise, that when we find ourselves in a state of confusion, self-doubt and lack of trust we will give our power away, stop listening and stop seeing that we have all the resources that we have ever needed inside of us.

Below is one key mistake that I see people make to keep them in the self-doubt and confusion.

They buy into their own thinking and believe their thoughts are real.

This of course is not true.

The truth is that our thoughts like the special effects to a movie. We sit there believing that what is playing on the screen is real.

However, when was the last time you went to the movie theatre to only find out that the movie you were watching was real? When was the last time you saw a movie and had the actors jump out connect with you?

Probably never, right? Why would they? They are part of the special effects of the movie and are not really there. That is what our thoughts are like…We use our thoughts and just like the screenwriter, we write the story and then let the director project it onto the screen – and just like an audience we buy into its “realness”.

While you digest the drama, you get drawn in and you become part of the movie and surrender to the emotional roller-coaster that a drama is in its essence.

The challenge with buying into your drama and superstitious thinking is that it will stop you from listening to your voice of wisdom, which is the key to guiding you through life and making the right choices for yourself.

Listening is key at this point. If you want to make the right decisions for you and you want to create a space for you to see the truth of your situation – listening to your gut, is what you have going for you. It will never let you down and it is your innate wisdom that will guide you to safety.

So next time you have a lot of stuff going on in your head, you feel that you are not in a good place, just remember that its only noise and superstitious thinking that is not real. Tune in, to see whether you can listen to what is being said under he noise.

Marina Pearson

About The Author

Marina Pearson is a sort after international speaker, author and the founder of Goodbye Mr Ex, Your Pathway To Wisdom and The Innate Wisdom Retreats.

You could say that Marina has ‘been there, done that, & got the T-Shirt.’ In 2006 she went through her own devastating divorce; she is also the daughter of a divorced mother, which has given her first hand experience of the detrimental affects that not healing past relationships can have on single women, mothers and their children.

By the age of 30 she had gone through the motions of almost taking her life twice, abusing drugs & alcohol, and suffering from an eating disorder.

Building on her own experiences (I would prefer instead to say… Unsatisfied with the underwhelming solutions traditional psychology provided her, when Marina finally healed on her own).

She decided to get professionally trained & certified in several complimentary psychological healing modalities so that she could support women to heal their hearts and find the new love that we all deserve and desire.

As a columnist and featured expert for the Huffington Post, Marina has also been featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mail and other national women magazines such as Prima, Glamour, Top Sante and Take a Break as well as TV shows on divorce on Sky TV.

She currently contributes for Essence Mind Body Spirit Magazine and Divorced Parents Magazine.

Her latest book, Goodbye Mr. Ex has received countless reviews and is being hailed as the ‘missing piece’ for women all over the world who are trying to move on from an abusive, or painful breakup.

She also now runs highly successful workshops and retreats in Bali.




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