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Positive Affirmations To Remember Your Magnificence!

Jessica Reid |

I encourage you to read the following to yourself with love, with the intention of re-minding yourself of how magnificent you really are and how beautiful life is !

I am connected to the earth and I am abundantly taken care of, Being here on the earth is a nurturing experience, The universe is in co-creation with me and my dreams, Life loves me, I am divinely supported, I have a sturdy foundation in life, I love what I do, My career is enjoyable and fulfilling, I appreciate my family and friends, I have compatible and uplifting relationships, I enjoy feeling in balance, I make the most of my life everyday, Every opportunity is available to me, I express my creativity happily, My creations are magnificent, I feel inspiration within me, I am an inspiration when I am in my alignment, I express my sexuality with freedom, I am confident and I believe in myself, I know what is true to me, I am strong and courageous, I have the willpower and ambition to reach my goals fearlessly, I know that it is natural to me to thrive in all areas of life, I allow myself freedom, I know I am equal to all life, I am worthy of all the good in life, I tend to and nurture my inner child, I am safe and surrounded with love, I give myself the gift of unconditional love, I love and accept myself, I forgive myself and know that I deserve forgiveness from others, every soul is deserving of forgiveness, I release resentment as an act of self-love and unconditional love, I let go of what doesn’t feel good to me, I deserve to feel great, I deserve to feel bliss, happiness is natural to my soul, I am worthy of feeling happy and completely fulfilled, I am adventurous and fun-loving, I take life less seriously and choose to have fun, I love following my inner guidance, I trust myself, I know that at the truth of who I am that I am beautiful, I love my amazing body, I appreciate the signs my body gives me, I am grateful for my emotional guidance system, I honour and listen to my emotions, I express my divine self with joy, I communicate with ease, I am a beautiful channel of source energy, My consciousness is rising with every experience, I am thankful for my blessings and lessons, I feel utterly blessed everyday, There is nothing that I am victim to, I am the director of my own perceptions and I choose the ones which resonate with my soul, I love my ability to create my life through my state of consciousness, i know that it is all within me, Every potential already exists within me – all I have to do is line up with it’s vibration, I see the magnificence that is me, I love being me, I love living my journey, My journey is a pleasant and expanding experience for my soul, I am connected to all that is, I am a beautiful expression of consciousness, I can see my inner and outer beauty shining brightly, I am unique and interesting, I adore my pure intentions, I feel purposeful when I follow my passion, I feel in sync with my mind, emotions, body and soul, With focus I can align myself with any reality I choose, Whenever I feel fear I choose to fill myself with the energy of love, I follow my path and allow others to do so too, I let everyone off the hook and take responsibility for how I perceive and feel in every moment, Releasing resistance is healing for my entire being, I can and I will!, I have compassion and understanding, I release the need to judge and I allow myself accept all beings as they are, I am a dreamer and a hopeful spirit, I see the light in all situations, I move from lack-ful thinking into prosperous thinking and my reality reflects this change, I am loving loveable and worthy of love, My happiness is important and vital to my being, When I take care of myself first, I can best take care of others, Being in alignment is the best gift I can offer myself and all others, My life is filled with synchronicity and positive vibrations !

This blog was created as an inspiration for this week’s Personal Affirmation Art – Creative Workshop in Lower Hutt and Wellington… If you cannot make either of these, Have some fun at home with friends creating affirmation cards, bookmarks etc. to post around your environment as a constant and uplifting reminder ! I will post some of our creations on my Facebook Page Jessica Reid so make sure to ‘Like’ My page and stay connected :),

Much Love,

Jessica Reid




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