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Positive Thinking: Have you Mastered it After All?

Positive Thinking: Have you Mastered it After All?

The Universe delivers what you ask for. You ask for these things via your thoughts. So its fair to say, if you are thinking negatively, the Universe is going to deliver negative things.

You can change your thinking habits or patterns right now. Keep reading.

You might say that’s easier said than done. Let me help you gain a better perspective. It’s easier to do than you think.

We are trained from a young age to think things are hard and that to get anything and anywhere in life, you have to work hard at it. While in a sense that can be true, it’s not entirely true.

Things only have to be hard if you make them hard. If you think that it takes hard work, then it WILL take hard work. Have you ever noticed people who things just come easily to? Guess what? They don’t have the thought that things need to be hard in order to achieve results. They think thoughts that things are easy to do. It’s interesting how some people can pick up skills very easily, and others can’t seem to put two and two together in the same skill. Take me for example. I am a natural computer user. I have no fear of the computer.
Computers come very easily to me. I am pretty much self-taught on computers. From formatting Word and Excel documents, to websites, it all comes very easy and natural to me.
I’m not even entirely sure why. It just does. To me, my thoughts about computers is they are easy for me to operate and they are nothing to be afraid of.
Others who can’t seem to pick up computer skills to save their lives have thoughts of computers are hard, difficult, and unfriendly. So, naturally, the Universe is going to deliver to them, a hard time grasping those computer skills.
Now let’s talk next about turning negative thinking or statements into positive thinking or statements. Many people think that they are thinking positively, but they aren’t.
They follow up their thought or statement with a caveat, or a negative twist. Like ‘I feel great..I am in no pain’ The positive part being – I feel great and the negative is the word – pain. Instead of ‘My body is healthy’
So, let’s do a little footwork to try to learn how to turn negative statements into positive statements. We need to totally get rid of the negative and keep it completely positive.
Let’s start with some examples.
Say someone has a blood clot, or they have heart problems (blocked or clogged arteries). Instead of saying “I want to be free from any blockages or clogging”, let’s try something like “My blood flows through my arteries and veins freely, easily, and effortlessly”.
See how that was completely positive, and actually said what the person wanted, and not what they don’t want? That’s what you have to do. Get away from thinking about what you don’t want because the more you focus on what you don’t want, the more you will get what you don’t want.
Whether you want it or not, it’s what you are focused on that you will get. The Universe doesn’t hear what you do or don’t want – it gives you what you focus on! So even if you focus, talk or think about something that did trouble you but isn’t any longer – you are manifesting it back into your life.
Let’s try another example. Say someone wants more money.
Instead of saying “I want more money so that I can get out of debt” (see the negative on the end of that statement – debt?) Also if think ‘I want’ – You will just get more wanting! Think more like ‘I have’ or ‘I am’. The book The Secret doesn’t explain this properly.
Try something like “I have more than enough cash to provide me with everything”
There, that’s completely positive and focuses entirely on what the person has – which the Universe responds to, instead of what someone don’t want.
Let’s try one more, just so that you have the idea down pat.
Instead of “I feel great today… I’m not having any pain in my back” try “I feel great today… I can move my back freely and easily and have complete flexibility”. Bingo!
Completely positive and focused on what the person wants. Take one thought, right now, that you;ve been thinking and take all negativity away from it and turn it totally positive.
Focus on that positive statement.
Give yourself a chance to succeed.
Do not fear success or failure.
You can only fail if you do not try.Be kind to yourself. If you forget and slip into old habits, just correct yourself with something positive.
When patterns are deeply ingrained in us, it can take a while to switch habits. Don’t beat yourself up if you do forget, just correct yourself. Eventually having positive thoughts will come naturally.
You are the creator of your life, so live well, my friends.
Namaste x



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