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The power of goal setting

The Power of Goal Setting

The brain conscious and unconscious has more power than we might realise. Like a laser beam with a target the brain has the equipment (biomechanics) to reach the outcome in faster more powerful ways than we can imagine. Without goals we are almost as good as an Uber taxi without a postcode, we can meander and drift and never reach the end destination. The outcome of this? a life lived with regrets.

By being clear on what we want out of life and having an end result in mind the brain (along with daily action-led execution) will find a way to get us there. This principle can be applied to almost any area or event in our daily lives.

Before your next meeting or presentation try visualizing how you want the outcome to be for a few seconds before you go in there. Clarity is power. The next part is taking time to ask yourself why you want what you want?

To have more time for the Important stuff? More money for the things you want? These reasons will create the desire which will lead to the emotional response and the positive internal trigger (reward system) which will motivate you to keep going.

We all have goals and dreams but there is a science to effective goal setting:

Visualize for a few seconds how you want the outcome

Dig down and dream big. Start with a goal big enough to get your juices flowing. As Napoleon Hill states in his famous ‘’think and grow rich’’ having a clear tantalizing vision of what you want will create a strong desire which when directed out into the universe has the power to outwit your current circumstances, so try adding an emotional hook to your goal – look at the difference in the below

I want lose weight

I want to lose 10lbs this month so I can feel my hot, sexy and desirable in time for my summer holiday in Barcelona

Write down and review goals daily, when you start to embody your goals into a daily ritual they can take on a life of their own and opportunities may start to pop up in places you didn’t expect. This need not be time consuming start by blocking out 15-minute intervals and time yourself with a stopwatch if your anything like me the mind starts to wonder after that.

Get specific, very specific. A specific goal could be I want to double my financial income in the next 12 months to buy my dream home

Time for goal dreaming, let the mind wonder

Avoid fake goals – know what your values are and question why you want it.

Consider the consequences. Ask yourself would that really make me happy?

Keep goals positive. We get what we focus on. If we are busy focusing on what we don’t want than that’s what will show up

Focus on one to two goals at a time

Think about your habits, causes of distraction and potential set backs. And plan a strategy to avoid where possible

Know your natural rhythm. If goal setting each morning doesn’t work for you try another time.

Keep your goals on you. Keep your goals where they are easy to find and review

Put a time frame on it

Reassess regularly. Block out a time to review each week or month at first Sundays are always a good time to do

Try chunking your list into categories relationship, health, business

Goals change, review values quarterly

Goal partner or buddy up

To take things to the next level, check out the Rapid planning method by Tony Robbins


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