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Quick Stress Relief Tip


Quick stress relief tip. When you are stressed, your muscles become tense and breathing becomes shallow. Changing the way you breathe will get rid of the stress and tension very quickly. My stress relief tip is do Peace Breathing every time you feel stressed or tense.

I do peace breathing quite often. It is one of the many forms of deep breathing. It can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do it while you are working, cooking, walking or driving. You will feel instantly relaxed and calm. This may be the best stress relief tip you’ve ever heard!

The process of peace breathing is simple. Here are the steps.

1) Breathe normally but deeply into your belly.

2) As you are inhaling slowly say the word “Peace” to yourself. Imagine you are breathing the word right into your belly.

3) As you exhale you will immediately feel your muscles relax and mind start to calm.

4) Do this for a few minutes or however long it takes to feel more relaxed.

You can use a different word in place of peace if you prefer. Use a word that is soothing to you. It could be  “Tranquil.” Instead of breathing into your belly, you may also breathe your word right into the heart. This works really well and is a great mood changer!

Try this stress relief tip if you are sitting in traffic or faced with a confrontation. I use it when I am feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities or upset in any way. Peace breathing is so simple and effective it can be used daily. Pass this tip along to your coworkers, friends and family. You will not only be giving them a tool for relieving stress but also a way to improve their health and well-being.




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