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Raquel Rios

Raquel Rios – Life Alignment

Raquel Rios – Life Alignment

A few days ago I went to visit Raquel Rios to talk about the possibility of Raquel doing a workshop or a speaking session at Gathering of Minds. Two people had recommended Raquel and her services to me so I was looking forward to meeting her. Raquel Rios Raquel is Psychic, but was quick to point out, that we are all psychic! I agree with this, I think we all have the capability, but it is quickly lost as we grow up learning other things without being taught how to hold on to this gift we are all given.

After a chat, Raquel offered to do something called ‘Life Alignment’ I had heard of this before but wasn’t sure what it involved. She used the energy of my body and also a connection with one of my guides to determine what was going on. I have had a reoccurring shoulder pain for quite a while now, which seemed to flare up for no reason. This led me to believe it was an energetic issue and something that could potentially be holding me back in some way.

The session lasted over an hour as we stopped to chat about things that were coming up. Raquel got right down to the core of what was going on, and using her Life Alignment, was able to suss out what exactly the problem was, what caused it and why. T

he information that she gave me made a lot of sense! With the issue of my shoulder pin pointed, I can now work on fixing the root cause!

Also during the session she uncovered a few other things that need looked at which is great. I highly recommend this, even if you are just curious and don’t necessarily have any injuries etc, Raquel can tell you what is going on internally.

For more info on Raquel, her services and workshops please visit : www.GalacticRhythm.com/p/life-coach.html



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