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Reasons to love Mercury Retrograde

Seven Reasons to LOVE Mercury Retrograde!

So Mercury Retrograde is now in full swing, everywhere around me I hear ‘Damn you Retrograde’ but surely it can’t be all bad? There must be a purpose? I get really affected by each and every Mercury Retrograde which is a lot considering they happen three to four times per Year. It has been really frustrating at times!

My usual stance is that I want to run away and hide until it’s all over but this time I decided to take a different approach.

The Mercury Retrograde starts as it always does for me – equipment breaking down, communication with people breaking down, loosing items, delays. I wanted to nip this in the bud, considering we were still only in the pre shadow zone.

The pre and post shadow zone are usually around 3 weeks either side of the Planet Mercury going retrograde.

The planet slows down its orbit and it almost appears to be going slow, backwards and standing still. It doesn’t really standstill or turn backwards – it’s an optical illusion.

Its kind of like when two trains pass each other but one is going faster, one will look like it is going backwards.

An illusion.

We have a GREAT opportunity during every Mercury Retrograde to reflect on situations we have been avoiding. To clear out anything that is no longer serving us.

This a time for deep spiritual growth and when you work with the energies, you will see it has nothing to fear. The Mercury Retrograde gives us the chance to see things from a different perspective.

It can be a challenging time for a lot of people but there are lots of advantages to it. If you can learn to work with and not against it, then it will change the way you view Mercury Retrograde forever.

Re-work a project

Mercury Retrograde is NOT the time for starting new projects or going full steam into existing ones. Take the time to go over the work you have done or finish projects you already started.

If you try and force things to move forward with new projects prepare for lots of head bashing and face palming. Its best to slow down on new projects and go over the details of the work you have already done.

The retrograde is a great time to reflect on everything. It’s a great time to spot mistakes too so this is a chance to get your work flawless.


If you are in business delay entering into meetings about new projects, deals, signing contracts without reading the small print and double and treble checking everything! It may fall through after the retrograde is over.

Re-think your words

You might find during this time you words are misinterpreted communication breaks down. It can be a tense time.

Use the opportunity of the Mercury Retrograde to practice communicating from the heart. Practice your most clearest communication.

Don’t take anything personally! Practice your patience, this is the perfect chance!

Re-Evaluate your decisions

Be wise not to make hasty decisions during the Mercury Retrograde. If you do, you may find that after the retrograde is over you want to change you mind.

This includes relationships too. If you are breaking up during this time, it might be wise to wait until the retrograde is over. Lots of couple have broken up, only to get back together afterwards.

However if this was something you were considering before the retrograde, chances are you will still feel the same after the retrograde.

Underlying problems in a relationship can also surface during this time. Think about what you want you’re being shown. Is it time to put your differences aside or move on? Reflect.

Re-organise your Life

Clear out the clutter. This is a great time for reorganising yourself and clearing out anything you don’t need from your past can be super cleansing. This is a great time for catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while.

You might also find friends or acquaintances from the past pop up. Why not get in touch with an old friend


Go with the flow! Expect the unexpected and prepare! The can be a lot of delays or cancellations during a Mercury Retrograde so prepare for it by leaving to catch transport earlier.

Allow for the cancellations and delays. Take a book or extra movie to occupy yourself. Take an extra battery for mobiles and laptops. At least this way, if there are delays or something breaks down, you won’t feel stressed out because you have prepared.


Remember that the Mercury Retrograde is not out to get you. Unless you resist the energetic changes it is trying to bring. Work with the energy of Mercury and use it to your advantage.

You really do have a great chance to develop your Spiritual growth. Harness the energy and embrace whatever is coming up. Let go of anything that is NOT serving you. Chances are, if something is happening to you during this time then SLOW DOWN!

Take life at a slower pace!

Namaste x

Useful dates:

28th August Pre-shadow zone

17th September Mercury Enters Rx Zone in Libra

9th October Mercury goes direct in Libra

28th Octover Mercury Enters Post-Shadow



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