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Reflexology: The Ultimate Stress Buster..

Reflexology is a very powerful and often underestimated therapy that is not very well known in our Western culture. We tend to put more of our trust in conventional medicine as we think we know it well and have invested a lot of money in medical research.

However, reflexology has been around much longer than Western medicine – in fact since 5000BC – and was used by the Egyptians, Chinese and other ancient cultures.


Reflexology can be performed on the feet or on the hands and it works on a similar principle to acupuncture but without the use of needles.

We have energy (meridian) lines running throughout the body from our head down to our feet; on the soles of our feet these lines create a map of our body. When the energy becomes stagnant or blocked and is not able to flow freely along the meridians in our body – this is when we experience stress, discomfort, illness or pain.

The aim of Reflexology is to unblock the stagnant energy along the meridians, to allow the energy to flow more freely throughout the body, leading us to experience a better sense of well- being and balance in our body, mind and spirit.

By stimulating and massaging different parts of the feet, we are indirectly stimulating different organs in the body. Theoretically, massaging the feet gently opens up the energy flow in the body, creating a deeply relaxing sensation.

Clients often experience a tingling sensation, or coldness during treatments as the body slowly regains its natural state of balance and starts to release unwanted toxins.

Reflexology was introduced to Western society only as recently as the 1960’s. Soon afterwards, Reflexology started to be recommended and offered by medical professionals as a complementary therapy.


Reflexology is an excellent tool to reduce stress in the body and mind. In this fast-paced world, our body finds it hard to cope with all the demands of everyday tasks and expectations.

Stress ultimately creates illnesses and pain. Reducing our stress levels could easily help to prevent illness in our body and enable us to have a happier mind and lead a happier life.


Maternity Reflexology needs highly specialised training after gaining a full Reflexology qualification. It enables the therapist to understand more about pregnancy, hormones and how the body functions during this time.

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life – therefore it needs to be cherished. Starting a family, creating a new life, bringing a new person into this world is an amazing experience and causes us to reflect upon the miracle of life.

These important facts are often forgotten when we talk about pregnancy as it has become more focused on medical facts and statistics, instead of being seen as a blessing. Pregnancy can cause a certain amount of stress and worry for many mothers – the endless appointments, busy hospitals, hours of waiting, rushed midwives and unexplained medical procedures can make a woman’s experience of pregnancy an unnecessarily eventful and stressful experience.

A stressed and worried mother could transfer those feelings to her baby.

As we know, Reflexology is an excellent tool for reducing stress but it also has the ability to almost transform a woman’s experience of pregnancy in a very natural and gentle way.

It enables the mother to focus on the positive side of pregnancy, to enjoy this special time as much as possible and can help prepare the mother and baby for the best birthing experience possible.

Reflexology can help to reduce some of the the aches and pains experienced as the pregnancy progresses and is especially welcome during the last few weeks of the pregnancy as it completely relaxes the body.

In our modern world, we have developed soft comfortable sofas, we work in offices and we don’t do as much exercise as we used to many years ago. This modern life often creates an incorrect birthing position for the baby.

With the help of Reflexology and simple exercises, it is possible to ensure that a correct birthing position is achieved in a natural way. The way we enter this world marks the rest of our life.

Through Reflexology, the stimulation of relevant parts of the feet encourages the body to produce the hormone oxytocin and gently encourages the body towards the best possible labour experience.

Reflexology has been introduced into several NHS hospitals in the UK to aid with the natural induction of labour. Reflexology also excellent at helping the new mother to recover after the birth as it encourages the restoration of the body’s natural hormone balance and helps with the natural production of milk too.

Reflexology treatments can not only make the mother feel relaxed, but can allow her to create a deeper connection to her baby.


Women’s mind and spirits have evolved so quickly in the past 50 years and it is now more acceptable for women to become successful, to become leaders and we are seen as almost being equal to men!

In this fast, busy and demanding life our bodies have not quite managed to catch up just yet.

Due to life’s high demands, our bodies have created some ‘new age’ illnesses which medical research has not managed to cure just yet. I’m referring to hormonal imbalances such as Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premenstrual Syndrome, etc. These illnesses could cause fertility issues for some women.

Due to a combination of the above illnesses, our face-paced lifestyle and huge life demands, conceiving a child can become a problem for many women.

Reflexology could be of great benefit to women trying to conceive and is an excellent support for women undergoing IVF, ICSI, GIFT, or ZIFT.

Reflexology can support the body physically, but just as importantly, it will give the woman much needed emotional support, giving the strength and positivity needed in order to release anxiety and give the fertility treatment the best possible chance of succeeding.


Reflexology has started to become very popular in corporate and office environments.

30min regular Reflexology sessions could dramatically reduce employee’s stress levels, enabling them to focus more on their work, have more mental clarity and reduce illnesses as statistics and research shows.

Office environments become happier and more productive places. Employers have recognised that employees are happier in the workplace when they feel cared for and appreciated by their companies with such treatments as Reflexology.

Please be aware that Reflexology is a gentle and a very effective treatment – it is not a cure for an illness. While it works for some, it may not have the same effect for others.


About The Author

I have been a therapist since 2008 and have had the privilege of working with so many people from all walks of life (women, men, children and the elderly) since then.

To see people’s reaction after a reflexology session, to see the relaxation on their face and their body, to see the change of energy and experience the connection with clients, is almost an indescribable, very special and amazing feeling for me.

To help people to achieve a happier and more balanced life is extremely rewarding. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to work in a field that I truly love, enjoy and believe in. I am sure you will feel my love, passion and experience through my work.

If you would like to have further more information or book a session you can find all contact details on my website.




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