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Sexual Exploitation, Oppression & Empowerment

This blog highlights how sexual exploitation has oppressed women worldwide and highlights how this could be a contribution factor to the low vibration energy that all women globally experience. Women have given their power a way, so I ask you reflective questions to see if you give your power away in your life.

My experience

The oppression and lack of respect is experienced in different forms across the globe which is suited to the cultural needs and demands of society. In one aspect women are treated as slaves to the male domination, especially the male sexual energy and is a means to earn quick money.

From living in South London, the South Coast, West Yorkshire, England, I have been able to witness the different ways women are trafficked and controlled in these different areas with culture playing a major role too.

Whilst living in West Yorkshire I was exposed to the oppression of forced marriages and how women where sexual exploited within marriage, raped and forced into sexual pleasures out of their free will.

A recent venture to the middle east, visiting Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khamar, Abu Dhabi, and Amsterdam, Holland, has brought to light how women are oppressed through sexual exploitation on the streets, in clubs, in private venues and organised privately. Women from all over the world have come to these areas and are selling their bodies and sex for material gain.

Openly in Ras Al Khamar there where clubs where women would be staged in the middle, having to dance, look pretty and show off their worth. Whilst men would be dressed in the Thobe, drinking, smoking Shisha around the stage, admiring the women and making bids to have a women for the night. The women looked drained, tired, unhappy, as if they wanted to be saved now! Being a psychic, I felt only negative energy, where I wanted to remove myself from the situation.

It was hard in this moment as I felt helpless, only one could pray that they would find their own light and walk through the door when the opportunity arises.

These men where only hear for one thing, to pay for sexual pleasure. Most have their wives and children at home, whilst they are in hotels and getaway places. Consequently, they disrespect their families, as one women is exploited the man’s wife and family are just as exploited. Many wives are unaware of their actions but most know exactly what their husbands get up too. Due to culture, family set up and religion, women do not promote their rights, ultimately, giving their power away!

In my personal life I have had men treat me like I am a dog, whistling and pulling on my limbs to get my attention. I have had some very inappropriate and scary approaches from men. Men following and pestering to try and get something. Men getting aggressive and feeling they have the right to disrespect or abuse. All have been of different ages and ethnics.

All these experiences have energetically and emotional affected women. It changes our perception, belief systems and feelings towards men by default. We do not understand why we are paranoid or have no confidence and lack self esteem, we just do!

Here are some examples of the effects that sexual exploitation has had over centuries to women. Women feel;

  • vulnerable
  • disempowered
  • scared of men
  • men can overpower them physically
  • they cannot trust men
  • sadness
  • taken advantage of
  • that they have a low self esteem
  • embarrassed
  • not confident
  • unworthy
  • reluctant to build relationships with men
  • that most men are out only for sexual pleasures

Due to these experiences alone I do not trust a man when they try to engage in a friendly conversation. My first or second sentence would be, ”I am married and have a husband, I am settled and yes he is the one and I am sticking with him for the long term.” I get frustrated that I can’t treat a man like a brother, rather than an animal, a predator searching for something to kill and eat!

Evidently, I have not travelled across the globe yet , but, through history women globally have been oppressed and sexually exploited. We see the same cycles continue in this day in age, both women and men have allowed this to happen. We could look at statistics but there is so many people not recorded, so it would be invalid to conclude from such. They are a category within society that has lacked attention for real action and change.

Why has sexual exploitation continued?

There are many reasons why this continues to exist, why the culture of prostitution seems so appealing for males whether it is in a form of parties, a hobby or simply to make money.

Women either love it, hate it, embrace it, are forced or trafficked, are mentally disturbed by it or simply accept it as way of life.

Men have only proliferated sexual exploitation as it brings satisfaction, pleasure and money to their lives. In some cultures it is part of the communities and families sustainability.

There is a lot of women empowerment, but not enough to prevent or reduce the numbers of sexual exploitation. It has been challenged but not enough!

Education is inconsistent across the globe, Holland have honourably educated their society well, despite legalising sexual exploitation, it is managed, controlled with rules and regulations to make it safe. Men and Women are educated at primary level about love and sex as two very separate aspects of life. They are taught to love before taught about making love. Holland also has the lowest teenage pregnancies globally! In one respect it proves that education can contribute positively and make significant change! Why, because Holland challenged the norm and created a new system that is effective.

Despite the will of women and society, men do not use their power to make a positive change. Men continue to buy and sell women. Women are also too weak or untrue to their women nature that they allow it to continue.

Upon speaking to women within the prostitutions business in London, they explained that, prostitution is a way of life which they have accepted as a means of survival. It is something they enjoy, a quick and easy way to make money. It helps them to maintain control over their hours of work, salary and is deemed as just a job. For some women it is an actual addiction.

Each women’s aura’s where scattered and they seemed to be unbalanced from within. Their personal backgrounds would have some evidence of abuse, significant trauma or low self-esteem experienced in childhood or adulthood. Most do not value themselves by societies norms, but would find value within the prostitution culture.

They do not understand the vagina to be a sacred portal gifted by spirit. Most, if not all, are not even aware of the sexual energy exchange that happens during sexual intercourse. Therefore, there is a significant lack of education upon the spiritual nature of sexual intercourse and the energy exchange which takes place. For more information on the sexual energy exchange click here and Here

You can transfer and receive either positive or negative energy!

Sexual exploitation has been understood and used for material and pleasurable purposes only. Rather than understood as a sacred act that should hold and be treated with respect and honour.

The cycle has been repeated for centuries, it is global that even young children, those vulnerable and males are also just as affected. There is an unbalance and war between the dark forces of the male domination, male empowerment, female disempowerment, oppression and misuse sexual power.

What can we do about it?

  • stop attention on the negative aspects and continue to promote love and sex in a positive, natural way
  • talk openly and educate our brothers and sisters of any age
  • meditate and be at peace with the darkness that surrounds the sexual exploitation culture
  • pray for those in this continuous cycle
  • take action and help supports those in these environments
  • empower people to make positive change
  • empower yourself to make a positive contribution
  • contribute to preventative measures

Questions for reflection of the self: Do you give your power away?

  1. Are we as human beings meant to give our power away to anyone?
  2. Do you allow people to take your power?
  3. If we feel inferior or people make us feel inferior should you give them your power?
  4. Who do you give your power too?
  5. Are you aware that within every interaction there is a transferring of energy?
  6. Does your boss take your power? Work you hard and long hours until you feel drained and tired?


  1. Does your boss empower you? Give you breaks, good holidays, are flexible and encourages you to be the best you can be?
  2. Do your family members take your power? Do they use you? Take advantage of you?
  3. Do you feel hurt or upset that they continue to treat you this way?


  1. Do your family members empower you to be the best that you can be and support you in all that you do?
  2. Are the roles and financial responsibility shared and balanced?
  3. Do they shower you in unconditional love that make you feel so so so good?
  4. Should we treat every person in our lives as a family member who is loved, supported and empowered?

Some of you may say no, because of many reasons. However, I write this in the essence of empowerment for human evolution in love.

The only way for our harmonious evolution is to be our truest form, as we was born to be. A child at heart who loves and cares for all. A being who appreciates the unique beauty in all, continues to learn, mature and grow. A being who empowers everyone to be the best they can be.

If we all took responsibility to help and support ourselves, free from self- judgement or any form of limitations.

Can you imagine? Can you feel what we would experience? Can you see the happiness in peoples body language? Can you smell beauty? Can you hear truth? Can you touch presence? Can you taste freedom?

”Rather than drowning in everyone’s thirst for want and more lets be liberated in each other’s freedom”

Everyone is unique and different! Everyone has their own path and journey. We are not here to judge but contribute positively to our evolution! It’s ultimately everyone’s choice!

Kaysen Asante







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