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Shared Consciousness in Reincarnation

By David Almeida |

I have stated before in other articles that humans are collective beings.  Each person’s consciousness belongs to a Higher or Greater Power that is composed of his or her past lives.  That Greater Power will eventually unite with the Universal Consciousness.  Humans understand this collective power as God.  Consciousness is able to divide itself endlessly through a process called “splitting.”  Splitting is a distinct characteristic of consciousness.

Every time a spirit reincarnates into the physical world, the spirit divides so that a new personality is born.  An incarnated spirit (human) is a new version of his or her past life personality.  While the person retains some characteristics of their former selves, he or she is a separate individual with a developing personality.  I say this because we are always experiencing personal growth.  That is the point of reincarnation.  It is a process of improvement.

It’s theoretically possible for a discarnate spirit to divide his or her (spirits are actually genderless) consciousness into two or more human bodies.  In other words, the spirit may be born as two or more persons at the same time.  This manipulation of consciousness is the opposite of Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder) where two or more personalities reside in the same human body.  I believe the shared consciousness procedure would be undertaken by an advanced spirit with the knowledge to accomplish such a feat.

Perhaps a mystic like Arthur Edward Waite would be able to conduct a shared consciousness experiment.  Not all spirits are knowledgeable in the ways of metaphysics.  In fact, many of them tend to be quite ignorant.  I base this on my own experience with the spirit world.  I’m not convinced that every spirit in the afterworld has the skill and know-how to move objects at will, turn on electronic devices, possess human bodies for channeling, and do the fantastic paranormal feats we hear of in respectable magazines, radio and television shows.

I believe this unusual use of splitting can explain why two or more rational people can compellingly claim to be the present incarnation of John Lennon or Abraham Lincoln.  Of course, since we are talking about celebrity figures it’s also possible that they are disillusioned.  It all depends on what the person has to say and whether you believe him or her, since none of the information can ever be proven to the satisfaction of a skeptic.

Splitting or reincarnation cannot be scientifically proven, but neither can they be disproven and therefore discounted.  I assure you there are things beyond our reality that would frighten any skeptic to their core.  These things I speak of have never been seen or experienced by most humans.

In the case, shared consciousness, I assume this spirit has a special plan in mind that requires a number of people to complete.  Perhaps that spirit wishes to have each human part of itself work on a particular mission.  Or maybe the spirit has a grand scheme in mind that requires a number of humans operating under the direction of its consciousness.

Your comments are very much encouraged and appreciated.

By David Almeida 



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