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Shhh… sleeping without a mattress by Susan Laing

Well its really been a wee while now since I have written a blog and all because I have been really busy moving and selling my house and most of my entire belongings.This lead me to experience my 1st night in my old bedroom completely empty of belongings and mattress !

Yes I have slept many a time before on the floor or ground and depending where I have usually enjoyed the experience. This time I noticed how I slept much better without a mattress and I also noticed how I like the room to be empty of belongings too.

I felt more peaceful and less cluttered in my head. There was space! Yes thats exactly how it made me feel. Free and weirdly wonderful.

Why not try it for yourself as an experiment?

So then its true isn’t it all that stuff about Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese system is all about allowing the Qi to flow in the best possible way – the meeting of heaven and earth. And my body really did notice the meeting of the earth.

My body was able to experience the magnetic pull of the earth below my body which had/has a stilling and grounding effect . We all know this when we lie outdoors in nature on the grass or on a sandy beach.


So indoors you will notice that some houses will have a more powerful affect on your body depending on the type of building it is.

We all know the famous yoga Corpse or Shavasana pose. Where lying down on our back flat with no pillow allows for the blood to flow to the head  which relaxes the whole psycho-physiological system and develops body awareness and may help with anxiety, insomnia and blood pressure.

So already for 1000s of years the great yogis knew how beneficial it was to rest and relax into this posture on the ground and without a pillow. And we think we have become more civilised by introducing mattresses and pillows !!!

As always till you experience these ancient postures you will not realise the wonderful health benefits. So many of us suffer from back ache and neck problems today caused by many a thing from eating the wrong foods, sitting all day in the wrong posture and basically not sleeping with the awareness using mattresses and pillows – what  we call a civilised sleeping arrangement – a bed .

And what about the contents of a duvet or quilt and pillow etc these days? Plus what do we use to wash these sheets and blankets?  Oh dear the list goes on.

I thought I would mention here that I  have been sleeping without a pillow for a number of years . I tend to use a squidgy type of pillow and bundle it under my abdomen as I tend to lie on my front mostly in Matsya Kridasana (flapping fish pose).

Lying on my front with my sort of pillow under my tum helps to straighten out my lower back and improve my posture. I noticed the benefits of all this and have never reverted to using a pillow under my head.

I think I was born a Yogini,  but aren’t we all?

You may notice to begin with a few strange discomforts as the body has been used to sleeping on a mattress but persevere and you may notice a few positive changes taking place within your joints and your general health. It is really worth it!

So here are some of the benefits of sleeping on the floor either on a bamboo or straw mat or thick rug:-

  • its cheaper for starters so if you are a green-minimalist like my self its just the best
  • it creates more space in your bedroom
  • and its easy to clean and no making beds up any more, now this is a very positive one is it not?
  • if you are into travelling or staying at someone’s house then you are a most welcome easy to please guest
  • you will eventually feel less groggy and less stiff in the mornings as all that chi or Qi is flowing better
  • creating space between each joint and space around you will allow for the heaven and earth Qi to flow better and so increase light within your body
  • if you do it gradually just like anything in this life it will make the transition better
  • if you suffer from allergies you will be free from mites and feathers if you use a bamboo mat
  • you can expect to feel much healthier in the mornings as you are being super charged with the earths electrical magnetic pull which helps to reduce inflammation and all sorts of things within the body – for more information see my previous blog   http://www.blog.iridologyforhealth.co.uk/walking-barefoot-and-reconnecting-to-mother-earth/ 
  • you become much more aware of your body posture and create more relaxation and because of this you can dream more  – I like my dreams very much as I like to use them as an indicator to many things in my life and much more but this is another story in itself !!
  • your breathing will improve because of your posture and also less contacts with all the chemicals in the sheets and duvets etc
  • less washing of course too
  • I did see this somewhere and this made me laugh …if you stay at hotel and there is a stain on the mattress you will never have to worry about it
  • if you have children they will find this all great fun!!
  • if you are very flexible like me then you will benefit greatly from sleeping on the floor too as mattresses will dissipate your body Qi
  • if you are feeling unwell with a upset stomach or anything similar try sleeping on the floor it will help you feel better
  • if you are not really adventurous then try a futon instead
  • and last of all – less in best

No but really the benefits are amazing and outweigh the few transitional discomforts if you experience any that is. I dream better , I sleep better and I feel rejuvenated in the morning as I know my Qi is flowing better to my head / In fact I think I have more sense than before !!!

This is where I ordered my mats from :-


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