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Signs That Your Workout Is Not Enough

Bill Brown |

If you are spending hours in the gym, without getting any results, you might want to do a double-take in your fitness routine and find out what is delaying the progress. Here are five possible reasons why your work-out is not enough.

Doing it twice a week rather than once

Strength training or other forms of exercise is okay when done once a week. But, it is far better to do it twice a week, to keep the body attuned to the changes that are about to take place in the body, helping it to better adapt. And take note that you do not have to spend hours when you do it twice, 15 minutes of your time is already sufficient to gain that muscle. The best part about training twice a week is that it will give the body enough time to recover, compared to people who train excessively, which delays their progress.

Do more with a limited amount of time instead of doing only one

You can do a total body work-out even with just 15 minutes of your time. A combination of different exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, basic plank-type core work, squats, polymeric jump squats and arm work-outs. Doing this combination for 15 minutes, twice every week, can actually help build strength. It also improves the body’s daily metabolic furnace. This shows that a 15 minute workout, albeit short, can yield results when you know what to do with it.

You do not feel sore the day after working-out

After 24 hours from your last work-out, you would probably feel a little sore. If that is not the case, then chances are that your workout was not enough to stimulate all those muscles. When you do any strenuous activity or a type of exercise, microscopic damage occurs to some of the muscles. The muscles then adapt and repair themselves and eventually grow stronger, causing you a little discomfort along the way.

Working out at similar intensities all the time

It may be the right time to increase the intensity of your workout, when you do not feel sore or tired the day after. This may mean that your body has already adapted to that level of intensity. In order to gain the strength and muscles that you desire, you should increase the weights, or increase doing your cardio. If you do your workouts repetitively, without increasing them, your body will not be challenged to make any changes at all.

Daily updates

Updating your progress on a daily basis is not advisable, because it does not happen overnight. And if you see, you didn’t gain or lose a pound; you lose all motivation to continue working out.

Progress depends on a lot of factors that includes the baseline fitness, genetics, diet, specific training methods, gender and age. Muscle strength and gain varies from one person to another.

The best thing to do is to strictly stick to a regular fitness routine or workout and after a month, check the progress you have made. Men usually gain faster, about 2 pounds after a month because of the high testosterone levels, while women take slower about a pound a month.

Progress is still progress, no matter how small the number is. Just remember to stay focused and keep the goal in mind to motivate you. Workouts are never easy. They make you sore all over, but it is the kind of pain that is worth having, when you know that every time you do it, you become healthier and stronger.

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