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So where am I going in life and what has this cosmos got to do with ME?

My question is what is the mind most spiritualists considered it the fifth sense. The mind gathers information formulates memories and responds to imaginations without positive thinking ones imaginations can create delusions.

The mind always speculates and chatters on; collectively the mind of a group of people might be on the same mission to seek out new frontiers in awareness.

What is physical and psychological health and how do the laws of nature including our planet and the solar system influence our daily activities.  Gathering information on the topic might seem daunting for those also wanting to seek experienced guidance.

Consciousness is sometimes a word used in conjunction to religion and philosophy and psychology. But where does all this theory go, if we cannot put any of it into any practical use. Without any destructive conditioning confusing or interfering with much conditioned existence and social engineering.

If we agree that a young baby was like a clean sheet of white paper in a state of unaware enlightenment. Just the being is there in its most basic state.

How does the personality get formulated was there and existence before being conceived what proof do we paradoxically virtually none.

It is difficult enough to experience and communicate what everybody commonly experiences and agrees on as empirical knowledge and common sense, but the invisible world presents a problem because we cannot directly share it, verify its and then physically prove it.

The mind is a mental instrument very much like a computer, video player telephone, video recorder combined. The mind is something you used to think and sometimes solve problems

Unfortunately for most people when there asleep are virtually dead everything goes blank, you go to sleep and half of your life is spent sleeping recharging the batteries.

This could be 50 years, and if you spend the other half working how much times you have left, to do with your own personal development, what is the true goal of or intelligent purpose of life.

Without being boring sanctimoniously religiously dogmatically

·       Who am  I

·       What is the purpose of life

·       Where am really I going

Not something your taught at school or university and it is never seen a religious book used to brainwashed people not honestly stating clearly in writing asking and solving these fundamental questions about the existence of all living things.

Mind you enlightened mystics and secret societies, guard this information

Especially formulas and initiation is always preferred.

On an intellectual level how do we rationalize and have/get some logical deductions to determine the nature of things and how we have fallen prey to limited perception and mental blocks including the ego.

What is the collective psychoanalysis of the mind-ego of the human race.

Thinking about something does not mean you have it, because the mind is in its own particular illusional dimension.

If one has gone to the four corners of the earth and gathered all this information that has accumulated for the last 5000 years.

What sense can we make of it.

Is it really useful, can we not just start from scratch and construct our own practical understanding of the simple ABCs of life.

What are these simple ABCs what concepts and basic laws of nature do we accept, plus have to master and collectively work together on, because individually and collectively we are interconnected, interconnectivity is what is: that universal common denominator for all human beings.

Everything we see that is living is obliged to recreate, pro create life and death is a cycle. With the beginning and an end not exactly a straight line many things seem to repeat themselves ! From the behaviour of planets right down to microorganisms the relative and the absolute co-exist.

If you’re really alive and tuned in full of energy bursting to go, dancing and singing, love making and feasting and of course delightful conversation in a seductive creative environment  then seriously learn how to collaborate and trust each other become a De programmer?

One way of determining life is the presence of energy and movement, of all physically and mentally activity also being non active resting passively.

How can we not relate to your cosmic ancestors?

Have you ever been on holiday and laid on a beach in the middle of the night next to a camp fire and stared up into the magnitude of stars and woken up to the sound of oceans surf and the sun rising, because mother nature wants to make sure you stay alert and become always in good gratitude to your cosmic existents.

In simplistic terms co-relate to other people and especially the opposite sex deciding, who to work with and set simple realistic goals in life not centred around corrupt money the ego or mind games.

Do you really want to question everything and think for yourself something you have not been given permission to do very much in a society that tends to be hierarchy and systematically dictatorial.

© Pierre Antonio



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