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Soul Matrix Healing..

I have experienced many forms of healing over the years and I’m always intrigued when I hear about a new healing technique for the first time.

When Steve Nobel was telling me during an interview for my radio show Knowledge Nation about a technique that he’d pioneered – Soul Matrix Healing, I thought it sounded fascinating and had to try it.

I immediately booked a one to one session after the interview!

The healing

Before Steve started he went over a few things, explained how he works and then we discussed what we could work on. Things that I wanted to clear. Steve would look my energy field to see what was going on.

Steve explained he looks for any hooks or tears, maybe a person is carrying something in their energy field; attachments, anything that needs to be closed, soul fragmentation but also Starseed activations and ancestral patterns.

Using a pendulum, Steve communicated with my higher self and told me there was something in my ancestral patterns that needed to be cleared. It was interesting the things that came up and everything Steve said made sense.

The best part for me was Steve connecting to the soul of my unborn baby. He told me that we’d had three lifetimes together before, our souls have great karma and we are doing spiritual work together.

The whole session was amazing. I got the answers to a few things but also cleared some things from my ancestral lines that weren’t serving me. Steve is fantastic at what he does and I can’t wait to do one of his workshops.

Since the session I feel great, I really feel like some shifts were made. I highly recommend this if you feel like you need a spiritual MOT..

Steve will be giving an enlightening talk at Gathering of Minds 9th April 2016 in London on- Starseeds and the ascending timeline: How to move from 3D toxicity into 5D flow and miracles.

For more info www.ourgom.com/events

Steve Nobel – www.stevenobel.com

About Steve

Steve Nobel is an author, book mentor, coach, healer and founder of Conscious Media. Steve was a director of Alternatives, based in St, James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1 for 13 years (Jan 2000 – Dec 2012) Steve had a wake-up call in 91 and another in 2010 which was triggered by a Kundalini awakening followed by a dark night of the soul experience. Steve is now on the other side of this difficult transition.

Over the past 20 years he has trained in channelling, energy healing, light-body, and a number of metaphysical and healing paths. His latest book is called Personal Transitions (Published by Findhorn Press 2014) which details his story of spiritual transition and that of many others.



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